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Sunday, 13 February 2011

A wet Sunday!

Some days are just made for sitting with a hot drink and browsing through a magazine and this morning was one of them.

We woke to a very windy and wet day so after a late start i curled up in the conservatory to look at what dropped through the letterbox yesterday.

It's the Spring edition of Love Knitting for Baby and its packed with lovely things. I'll give it to DD for a look when i have finished reading it to see if there's anything she would like me to knit from it for her.

This little cardigan appeals to me, it looks an easy knit but is knitted sideways to add interest.

BUT ... just look at this super little crochet bunny, how could anyone resist this darling amigurumi ballerina bunny, i definately need to try and make one of these i think, you know my love of little wabbits! LOL

This nifty little thing is called a Knit Kit. Apparently it's the swiss army knife for knitters and is ideal for knitters on the move. It houses all of the following things - crochet hook, thread cutter, locking counter, collapsible scissors, tip protectors, stitch markers, darning needle and a 5ft tape measure. It retails at £14.99 here in the UK and can be found here. A great gift idea for an avid knitter and so useful, i wonder if it would be pass the regulations for plane journeys?

What have i been up to this week craftwise?

Another little handknitted cardigan for DD. A pretty lilac colour she chose this time. This one is just a basic first size but instead of the usual rib we decided to go with moss stitch to make it a little different. My neighbour called in on Friday telling me her DD is expecting in the Summer, she loved this little one and is hoping her DD will also want to have some hand knitted garments for their new addition. As she doesn't knit herself she smiled sweetly and asked if i would be willing to do them, of course i said yes.

Carriage House Samplings SAL - Shores of Hawk Run Hollow

The lighthouse now sits upon its rocks and a few seagulls are keeping it company.

DH really likes this one and is forever looking over my shoulder to see how its growing.

Do your family take as interest in certain projects you make more than others?

Mr Stick the resident UFO patroller at Needlecraft Haven will be pleased with me this week. Floral Fifteen was out again and 2 more flower motfis are completed.

I hope you are all fit and well and spending lots of time relaxing and enjoying your crafting hobby.

Tomorrow is St Valentines Day, i hope you have plenty of love in your life right now


  1. I am sure that you will have no problem with the cute ballerina bunny.
    The lilac cardigan is so adorable for a cute baby girl.
    Shores is looking great.
    No one here cares what I stitch, lol
    Yay! for two more flowers, keep it going
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Gorgeous things to make in your knitting magazine. Lovely progress on your wips. Sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

  3. Aww so cute, bunnies and baby things!!!
    Sometimes I am asked by family, but when I take my stitching to bingo I get more comments then.

  4. I love that bunny ballerina. I have a feeling you'll doing quite a bit baby knitting this year.

  5. love the lilac Julie. and the ballerina is just so cute and so you.Nice magazine wow.
    Love Shores now you have started it,but darent even think about that at the minute.
    Speak soon

  6. Love the wabbit. Lucky you being able to knit for a little one. Well done

  7. Some lovely things to knit in that magazine Julie and the rabbit is so cute.
    Great progress on Shores too.

  8. Lovely magazine and just the right weather to curl up with it too. Love your Shores. I still need to order my threads! x

  9. Julie, I always enjoy visiting your blog. The mag looks like a great one. The little cardigan is cute as well as the one that you knitted. Looks like the bbies in your area will be nice and warn. Carriage House SAL is lovely and Floral Fifteen is really coming along. Is that a JN ??? Take care and happy Valentine's Day

  10. Great knitting and stitching Julie.
    The magazine looks great, the crochet bunny is totally adorable!

  11. That crocheted bunny in the mag is really cute Julie.

    Lovely knitting. The cardigan is a lovely colour.

    Great progress on Shores and Floral Fifteen. I really must get my Shores taken to the framers for a quote.

  12. This impneding grandbaby sure is keeping your hands busy! You're knitting up the most adorable things!

    Lovely progress on your stitching WIPs as well

  13. Cute baby cardigan! Your DGD will have lovely handknitted things! Great stitching. It's sweet that your DH is so interested in Shores.

  14. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Great stuff as usual. :)

  15. That crocheted bunny on the mag is so adorable. You have made good progress on Shores and a lovely cardigan finished too.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  16. Cute bunny, can't wait to see her on your blog lol. My DH tries to take an interest but he can't really tell the difference between one project and another, which is great for disguising the number of WIPs I have!

  17. You certainly found lots of inspirational projects in the new magazine, Julie. And I love your newest knitted cardigan. No wonder your neighbor had to have one for her own grandchild!

    I wish my husband would show ANY interest in my projects. My sons actually are more interested than he is. Every Sunday when they come for dinner they get a "show and tell" of what I've been working on for the week. They seem to be interested, but perhaps they just want a good dinner :)

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, yes they are Pandora charms that I received for my birthday. My husband bought me the bracelet as a wedding present when we were on honeymoon in New York and I love it! I also received the Love Knitting For Baby magazine the other day, I'm going to make the blue stripy jumper for our grandbaby due in April. x

  19. that's a super magazine Julie, I adore the little bunny, and I love the cardigan your GBG will be as snug as a bug will all the lovely knitting you are doing for her

    My DH doesn't really take an interest in my stitching he thinks it's not proper designs I do, he wants me to stitch people, animals, houses, scenery that kind of idea, but I stitch what I like!

  20. Oh Julie, you just HAVE to make that sweet little bunny :o)

    Beautiful cardigan. Your knitting is just flawless!

    What a neat gadget! I'm a little disappointed that they don't show it taken apart on their site :o(


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