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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Challenge reveal time again

Here we are again, the last Sunday of the month and time to reveal this months challenge design and what i did with it.

Love by the Stitcherhood was this months design. I decided to make mine into a gift tag that would go onto DH's little valentine gift.

I do like it when i can use the challenge design as a little gift, it makes stitching it even more lovely as you know someone will be receiving what you've made. DH loved it but wanted to know when i had been secret stitching as he hadn't seen me with needle and thread in hand with this one!!

The album this month has lots of lovely finishes in it, you can see what other inspirational ideas ladies had for this design.

Monthly ornament also completed for February too, what a good girl i am LOL

I'm sure you all recognise this one from the JCS 2010 Ornament mag, it's by Brittercup Designs called Consumed by Gifts. I've changed some of the colours as i didn't have the required threads.

I have a friend who has twin girl black cats and this is exactly what they were doing over Christmas rifling through the gifts and playing with each other trying to get into the ones belonging to them under the tree.

Shores has also had some attention again this week and we now have sunshine, shame the same can't be said for the weather here today. After a sunny start, we now have the torrential rain thats been around for the past few days.

Block 1 completed this month, target achieved, so now onto Block 2 next month.

Even more leaping about with excitment as i also completed the last 2 motifs on the yellow portion of Floral Fifteen by Just Nan this week. Just the five on the pale green to stitch now before the fiddly making up bit.

I seem to have got a lot of stitching done during the evenings this week even though i have spent an awful lot of time during the day with my head in the accounts getting organised for the dreaded accountants visit next week. I hope you've had a productive crafting week and enjoyed your relaxing hobby too.

Before i go, just time to tell you about a parcel that's arrived here from Barb. It's addressed to 'Julie, Amy & the pink' and DD (Amy) will be here later to open it with me. I'll reveal whats inside next time ... i do like to keep you all in suspense LOL


  1. Oh my, the little Valentine tag is so pretty, Julie! Sexy too with the black lace!

  2. Lovely use of the Challenge freebie Julie. Congratulations on finishing the first block of Shores.
    Looking forward to seeing the contents of the parcel from Barb.

  3. Julie,

    I love all the beautiful things you've been stitching! That Valentine's tag takes the cake! The fabric color and the black lace are really an eye catcher.

    Hope all is going well with your DD's pregnancy and that you are feeling well too.

  4. Wow your finishes are gorgeous. The "Love" tag is very different but gorgeous. Love the britty kitty - I hope to stitch this sometime this year, great colours used. Congrats on finishing your block of shores. Can't wait to see what is in your parcel from Barb.

  5. Great stitching Julie. I love your interpretation of the Monthly Challenge, and your ornament is fabulous

  6. Oh the little tag is very risque I bet Dh thought he was on a promise!!
    Funnily enough your comment on my blog about Mellors had occured to me too!!lol.
    Hope you like contents of parcel.

  7. What a great tag, Julie! I love the black and red together...

    Love your February ornament and the progress on Shores. Every time I see people posting it, I'm more and more tempted!

  8. Love your love tag. ;)
    I always enjoy looking through the album there when you post a link. It's great to see all the different ways it's done up.

  9. Love your Valentine tag...great color combo with the black and red. The kitty ornie is sooo cute! Great job on Shores too.

  10. Wow Julie you have done a lot os stitching thise week fantastic work and I adore the britter kitty ornie
    Hope you are keeping well
    Love and Hugs Shellie

  11. I LOVE how you finished the challenge!!! What a neat idea!!!! And good for you for keeping it secret from DH....isn't that fun?????
    everything looks wonderful! Keep it up!

  12. Love that Floral Fifteen, it looks beautiful already.
    Hope DD is well and blooming. I have just finished a little jumper for one of my RAK pressies as she had a baby boy last week. Just got to sew it up now and add some goodies.
    I have had a very busy February, I need longer days!

    Hugs Chris x

  13. Love your Love tag Julie. I didn't even get fabby or thread sorted let alone it stitched! Shame on me.

    The Britty Kitty ornament is really cute :)

    Block one looks fab and love your Floral Fifteen. DO let me know how you get on with the making up when you finish up the stitching. That's the bit I'm not looking forward to when I stitch it!

    Looking forward to seeing what is in the parcel from Barb :) Hope your DD is doing well :)

  14. I love the way you've finished your challenge this month. The Britty Kitty is so cute, I'll have to do this one this year

  15. What a lovely valentine tag and the Britty Kitty is just tooo cute!!

  16. All your stitching is beautiful. I'm enjoying watching your progress on Just Nan.

  17. Sweet finish Julie :o) Your cat ornie is just adorable and I love the color changes you made.

    Congrats on getting your first block done!


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