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Monday, 20 September 2010

Last day of Summer

Officially today is the last day of Summer, although i am well aware that the cooler evenings are upon us, this weekend we had our first coal fire, and very lovely it was too.

DH spent some of the weekend watching the TV programmes on the Battle of Britain that have been running to celebrate it's 70th anniversary, i didn't mind as i was busy finishing off this sock for him. The colour changes in this ball of wool are lovely, i just need to whip up a second one now.

This little bunny will be helping one of my neighbours to celebrate her 60th Birthday next week. We've been friends since she moved close to me some 16 years ago after we met at the local school when we were both updating our skills taking GCSE's when the children were at school.

We've supported each other through the good times and the bad, and especially when she lost her DH to cancer a few years ago, he would be so proud of his family and how she has coped without him by her side.

Has anyone read Barbara Erskine's latest book Time's Legacy? Mum bought it for my birthday and i finished it late last week. A very lovely read which i thoroughly enjoyed. It did bring up some questions that i found myself thinking about in my quiet moments. I guess it depends on your beliefs as to what you think when you read one of her books doesn't it.

Now to begin the second one in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I had tried all of the local libraries without sucess, so when DH and i were in town Friday afternoon, he bought it for me from a well known bookshop. The lady behind the counter was all excited, she was hopping about really desperate to tell me what happened in it as she is a huge fan of this series, as i left she shouted to me that she would see me next week when i went in to buy the next one as i will be hooked once i start on it LOL

A little stitching activity last week, 2 more squares added to Grand Marquoir.

Hope you are all well and {{hugs}} for those that are in need of them


  1. Love the colors of your hubby's socks. And your bunnies are always so cute. Not much more to go on your Marquoir!

  2. Great socks, the colour is really autumnal and cosy looking

  3. What a cute bunny, and Grand Marqoir is looking great.

  4. Love your socks and bunny. Your GM is coming along great.

  5. Your Grand Marquoir is looking amazing. I love how colorful it is! Great socks and that bunny is just too adorable. I am sure your friend loves it!

  6. A real fire sound heating has packed in so awaiting the engineer. Lovely sock and WIP

  7. I love the colors on those socks! Neat-o.

    I'm on book 4 of the Outlander series. I needed a break from it because I read the first 3 one after the other but I really should back to it! It is a great series.

  8. Gonna keep an eye out for that new book.
    Lovely addition to the bunny clan!
    Marquoir is pretty!!

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  10. Well done on the GM it is looking stunning, do bring it with you for the get together.
    And love the socks too, my DH keeps the ones I knitted him last year for special occassions!
    I am busy knitting some for my grand sons although the one who is still just 14 has huge feet I think I may be still knitting them for next years christmas
    Have a happy stitchy time
    Chris x

  11. Love the sock Julie, I still haven't got the hang of knitting them. Your bunny is cute too. GM is coming on very well - the colours are great.

  12. Love those socks Julie. They look lovely and warm.

    Such a cute bunny! So sweet.

    GM is looking beautiful.

  13. the socks are beautiful! Oh how I wish I could do them!!!!!
    Enjoy autumn!!!!
    your neighbor will love your bunny!!!

  14. I always love seeing a new little bunny finish from you, Julie--they are each so personalized and adorable! Your neighbor sounds like a dear friend...

    Your husband's socks and WIP both look great, too :)

  15. Oh Julie those socks look so soft and warm. I was chilled to the bone last night and they would of done beautifully instead I put on some fuzzy pink manufacutured ones I had.

    Anotehr adorable bunny! Someday there should be a bunny reunion!

  16. Cute cute bunny! I am sure your friend will love it. Great colour of the socks you started and your GM is looking lovely.

    Thanks for sharing about the books. Will look it up on as i do need books to get me through without internet at the other house.

  17. Great post Julie,love how GM is coming on,hubbies socks are a lovely colour and the bunny..super
    Tina xx

  18. Julie, I love the socks and the bunny. that Book by Diane Gabaldon is a great one. That whole series is a wonderful read.

  19. Oooh GM is looking so bright and colourful. I love it. Love those socks too. x

  20. well over half way done on that Marquoir. Looks great!

  21. The bunny is SO adorable!!!! I like how she's holding the banner :o)

    Your Marquoir is just incredible! I love the different colors you used.

  22. love the bunny

    have read all the outlander series.(twice)

  23. I've been rereading this series of late and I'm on Dragonfly right now! I bought a copy of Outlander for a friend last week and she is hooked now too!

  24. your hubbys sock are looking great love the colour of wool your using
    I just love the bunny, pity she is spoken for lol
    your Grand Marquoir is coming along great
    will need to try and get the 1st outlander book, it would be a great excuse to read on holiday later on this month, I'll need to get Barbara's book too as I have really enjoyed her previous books

  25. Another lovely wool you're using. Enjoying catching up with your finishes & WIP's. A sweet bunny for your friend - am sure your support also helped her greatly. Didn't know there was a new BE out... will be keeping an eye open for that. Haven't read the Outlander books, so will have to have a nosey, to see what I'm missing. LOL :0)


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