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Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Ideas pop into my head at any time. A nice relaxing bath and 'pop' an idea comes along, sleeping in bed and you wake in the middle of the night wondering where a thought came from. Does this happen to you too? or is just me thats a crazy mad middle aged crafting woman who has these lighbulb moments at the most strangest times!

One of the latest flash moments was regarding the Lucy bag i crocheted using the instructions from the lovely lady at Attic 24. Would it work if i used the directions for the bottom of the bag to make a nice doilly then use the same instructions for the shell shaped edging to give it a nice finish. A trip to the wool shop fiddling and fondling along the shelves to find something nice and soft that might just work in a colour that wasn't too bland yet not too bright either.
Patons Eco Cotton (100% certified organic cotton) was gorgeous, not too expensive and yet really soft, i decided on Shade 00110, a cream with a twist of organgeybrownyness in it - they call it brown spray (pic is clickable for a better look). Focused and on a mission - i'm sure you know how it is when you just have to start something immediately - here's the finished one that i sent off to Clare for her birthday last week. A happy smile on my face when she let me know she had received it and liked it. I think i might make more of these as little Christmas pressies for Aunts who are always difficult to buy for.

A lovely handmade goody arrived safely with me at the weekend. Opening the envelope it was so beautifully packaged in red tissue with a handtied ribbon. Melanie at Moonraker Lampwerks had a giveaway on her blog and i was the lucky winner, a great surprise as i only found her blog after she commented here on mine a short while ago. Isn't this the cutest little glass flip flop dangly. Thank you so much Melanie, its lovely. There are lots of pretties for sale on Melanie's site too.

Just to show that i have actually had needle in hand and stitched a little, Floral Fifteen by Just Nan has a third side stitched, just 12 more to go till i get to the fiddly making up bit. I've also made a start on the challenge piece for Stitch & Stash this month, a lovely autumnal piece which is a joy to stitch but more about that when its reveal at the end of the month.

The workbox also has a couple of new starts added to it. A winter sock for DH, he reminded me at the weekend that now i can knit on 4 pins i did say i would get him a pair done for the cold winter nights and seeing as the nights are drawing in could i please make a start on them, how can i refuse the man who grows me such beautiful fruit, veg and flowers. There's also a bunny in the making for a neighbour who will turn 60 later this month, i'll take some pics and show you those next time.

Time for lunch i think and then a nice afternoon with needle and thread, hook or wool before the committee members arrive this evening for the after show meeting.

love and best wishes to you all


  1. That little doily is nice. I really need to do some crocheting.

    Congrats on your winning and on your Just Nan progress. Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Your little doily is really cute. Congrats on the giveaway. Lovely progress on your Just Nan piece. Looking forward to seeing the socks for your hubby.

  3. Wonderful doily! And congrats on winning the glass fob from's fabulous!

  4. I could no more crochet a doily than fly to the moon, that is really impressive.
    Great progress on the JN too

  5. Very nice post Julie! Love the doily thing. Very creative. x

  6. Your doily is beautiful Julie.

    Congratulations on winning the giveaway. What a lovely prize.

    Nice progress on your JN. Must do mine next year! Lol!

    Oooh knitting on 4 pins. That looks really complicated to me!

  7. Boy, you've been a busy girl!

    I don't think my creative mind every stops. I keep saying I need to keep some paper next to my bed to write down these ideas but it's hard to write in the dark ;o)

    Congrats on winning Melanie's giveaway. I bet her work is just as gorgeous in person :o)

    Ohhhh, I can't wait to see this JN piece put together!

  8. I too love crochet, I used to say it is so easy and only one stitch to drop!! LOL
    Love the Just Nan and I think this month I will take up the S&S challenge. Not long till the October Meet Up.. see you then!
    Chris x

  9. A really nice interesting blog post Julie,love the doily for Clare,love the progress on JN but thats not hard because i love all her designs.
    Nice giveaway to receive,will have to go and have a nosey on her blog.
    See you soon
    Tina xx

  10. A beautifuly doily, well done!
    And JN piece is coming along great. Congrats on the lovely wins.

    Happy weekend.

  11. I know just what you mean so you are not crazy!

  12. The doily is lovely, very creative. Congrats on your win!


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