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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Fruit & Veg Show

Late night Friday setting up the hall ready for a really early start Saturday morning, a long queue of exhibitors waiting to come inside to show their lovely goodies. We had a total of 221 entries in all.

Take a look around the hall at some of the lovely entries .....

The cookery section starts us off with Classes 1 - 9. This one is always well supported and the ladies enter some lovely things, there is always stiff competition in this category.

Although i didn't win a first in this section i did have a number of 2nd places with victoria sandwich, fruit cake, raspberry jam, marmalade and lemon curd.

As we go round the hall, Classes 10 - 22 are the flowers/plants and 23 - 27 the floral decoration. Fruit and vegetables are Classes 28 - 47 and the Childrens section is 48 - 52. This one was very poor this year, we only had 3 children enter, not sure if it was the return to school earlier this week or why there were not more so the table there was vary bare this year.

Hobbies and handicrafts take up Classes 53 - 59. Remember those first pair of socks on four pins, well who would have thought the judge would have given them a first place! and she even put a little note onto them to say they were neat work inside and out - big beaming smile on my face when i read that LOL. The crochet bag didn't get placed and the bunny family came second, they lost out to the handknitted monkey from the PG Tips advert - i'm sure you all know him, i didn't mind he was beautifully knitted and very cute.


As Ken Dodd would say "exercise your chuckle muscles missus" well i can tell you, they certainly did get lots of exercise yesterday afternoon. At 11am, the doors are closed and locked when all exhibitors had put their things out. The judges from the Horticultural Judges Guild came in (you have to study for 4 years to get this qualification) other committee members stay in the room to help them with their duties, another lady and i set too preparing the lunch usually. As soon as they had finished and we were allowed back into the room, i got the biggest shock of all. Not only had my Beatrix Potter sampler got a 1st in the cross stitch category, it also won the best in the hobbies and handicraft section AND also BEST IN SHOW. The very nice lady judge, who is a crafter herself so knows the hard work that goes into the hobby's we do, came to speak to me and ask me how long it had taken to stitch and we had a lovely chat. I learnt some things from her about what the judges look for, they turn everything inside out and over to see how it is finished if they can, good job the framer hid the back of Beatrix!!!

Here's the bling on the trophy table. You can see the best in show i stitched, that of course is now sitting here at home with me! I also received the silver plate (back left) and the large cup. Both of these will be sent to be engraved so another committee member has taken them and i'll get them back soon to keep for the year. The winners of each section also receive a small hardback exercise book to keep and on the front cover is a little cross stitched design of the category they have won by one of our stitching group ladies. She has taken a pic of them all together and i have asked if i can have a copy so you can see the lovely work she does.

Better not end this post without telling you how DH did had i. He did really well too. He came away with 7 first places, 5 second and 3 third. He also won a small trophy (its the sheild with the wheelbarrow on if you can see it on the left side of the pic) and that was for Best in Vegetable Section with his tomatoes.

We were both really exhausted and it was a very long day, lots of fun with Ady Dayman a local celebrity handing out the prizes and also conducting the auction of priduce that has been on show. This raises quite a bit of money for next years show and also people get some real good bargains and locally produced items. He's a gardener on local radio and has such a fun personality, a lot of the secior ladies only come to meet him!

I must confess that i didn't take these pictures as i was too busy, but the person who did has been reprimanded for not getting a close up of all the hobby entries for you to see, you can only see the back of them on the pic with the empty tables. There was a photographer there taking pictures of everything that went on. He was there when i had to deliver the speech in front of everyone - it was my turn this year - i didn't do too bad at that once the nerves had settled so i'll see if i can get some better ones for you to see, you never know there might be one of me that is suitable to be put on here.

Better go and rest my 'chuckle muscles' as writing about it again i seem to have that beaming smile all over my face again, i'm sure i'll soon come down to earth with a bump very soon.

Thank you so much for your continued advice, help, support and encouragement, i'm not sure Beatrix would have even been finished and put into the show without you all keeping me going with it. This trophy is for you all too as you all do such fabulous work and i get so much inspiration from seeing your work.


  1. That is so awesome!! Congrats on your wins!!
    That totally was worth a Best in Show win and I'm glad the judges could see that. :)

  2. Well done to you and DH, Does that mean you have won your own Best in show stitching picture?
    And after seeing BP in the flesh it is just fabulous Julie

  3. Well done, Missus! The Ken would be very proud of you! Itsounds like it was a very good albeit exhausting day!

  4. That is fantastic!!! Congratulations on your win. I sure it is well deserved. You do such beautiful work. Nice to see that your Hubby didn't get left out.

  5. Congratulations on first prize and best in show. Very much deserved. Congratulations to your hubby too.

  6. Yay! Congrats to you and DH on your wins. How exciting! BP definitely deserved Best in Show. I would still be beaming too!

  7. Congratulation on the first place and best of show. Your BP is stunning. The secong place for the rabbit family was good, but I thought it neeed a forst place myself. You must be really chuffed right now. Enjoy your wins.

  8. Well done to both of you!!

  9. WTG Mrs Julie best in Show person. You deserve it as BP is lovely. I would have thought the bunny family would have won a first over the pg tips monkey,but suppose you cannot win them all, Hey smiling here with you, well done on the socks too.
    Congrats to Mr Macgregor too, what a winning combination!

  10. Wow that is fantastic Julie! Congratulations to you and your DH.

  11. Congratulations on your Best in Show. Richly deserved if you ask me.
    Our children's entries were way down this year too. Such a shame

  12. Well Done to your and your DP - well deserved.

  13. Congratulations to both of you on your wins, Julie! Very impressive and how nice to have your hard work recognized :)

  14. Yay for BP!! Who'd have thought it hey? Congrats to you both. x

  15. A huge congratula5tions to you and your hubby for all the wins. WOW!!!

  16. Wow super-huge congratulations, Julie! I'd be over the moon too!

  17. Well Done to you both Julie,you deserve it,BP looks stunning framed
    and fantastic piccies of the show,wish we had one around here
    Tina x

  18. Many congratulations to you, and your DH. A well deserved win for the Beatrix Potter Sampler

  19. HORRAY!!!! CONGRATULATIONS Julie!!!! That is so awesome :o)

  20. BIG well done Julie - well deserved wins for you & DH, as I know how much hard work you both put into this. :0) Can't believe I got this far behind with blog reading!


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