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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Aug challenge - revealed

Here i am again and it's not even Sunday, although it feels like it this week, i've had a really busy week as its the fruit and veg show this Saturday. I had my week all planned out but then the painters called and they need to me to be at Amy's for the day tomorrow (Thursday) to do the final bits. Does this mean after tomorrow it will definately be all done?? dare i even hope this will happen this time??

Anyway, enough talking about that, i'm fed up with it after 4 months and i bet you are reading about it as well. I did say my next post would be revealing the challenge for August, so here is what i did with the link to the free design we were given. This time it was from Penelopis and was this lovely little crown.

Before i started to stitch this month i went on a search through this fantastic Focus on Finishing tutorial blog to get some inspiration as i didn't want a scissor fob or ornament finish this time. I soon spotted a tutorial for a covered tape measure and the size was perfect if i stitched it over 1 on 28ct. Then the decision what colour to use, plain and simple black seemed a good idea with a nice flowery backing fabric and to finish it off some jazzy green braid around the edge. It's a really simple finish and easy to do, why not give it go next time you have a tiny project stitched up.

Happy stitching and to all those whose mojo has done a runner recently, i hope it comes homes soon!

love and {hugs}


  1. Well done on attempting a new finishing technique Julie, I tend to stick to boring but that looks really inspiring !Dare I.
    Enjoy the show on Saturday be thinking of you, hope its the NICE painter man that you are seeing tomorrow!

  2. I love that, what a great way to cover a boring tape measure!

  3. What a great finish Julie!

    Enjoy the show at the weekend, and i hope all gos well with the decorating tomorrow, fingers crossed it will all be over this time!

  4. This is lovely, I have got a tape measure like that but I never get round to making a cover for it!

    Hopefully everything will be finally sorted!!

  5. A gorgeous finish. Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh wow I love it Julie! What a fantastic idea.

    I hope the show goes well.

  7. Absolutely lovely, well done you for trying something new! You had to live through those renovations, we can just click and decide not to read about them so it's easy for us!

  8. Absolutely lovely, well done you for trying something new! You had to live through those renovations, we can just click and decide not to read about them so it's easy for us!

  9. What a lovely finish, great job!

  10. Isn't this fantastic? Awesome finishing, Julie!

  11. I love that finish Julie.
    Hope everthing works out at Amy's.
    Good luck with the show, at least its been fine this week so you should get some decent flowers in, half our entries were wrecked by rain

  12. I don't think I've ever seen a stitched tape measure cover, Julie! What a wonderful idea--yours looks just great :)

  13. Absolutely gorgeous what a fab idea.
    Hope you are keeping well
    Hugs Shellie

  14. What a lovely finish Julie, I'd love to be able to do a covered tape measure but am too scared lol.

  15. Your Tape measure looks great.

  16. Great job Julie! I want to finish one of these but haven't had the guts to try yet ;o)


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