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Sunday, 29 August 2010

I only seem to post on Sunday!

Another week since i posted here, these days the weeks seem more like days to me. It's been a busy weekend for us, still trying to get organised for the Fruit & Veg show next weekend. It didn't help that i saw an advert in the local newspaper this week telling people to book their Christmas party early for their employees, it's only 17 weeks till Christmas ..... i really didn't need to be told that just yet, i'm still hoping for a bit more sunshine before the autumnal stuff arrives.

Friday evening was a lovely evening and DH decided that a nice treat would be in order. We drove out into the countryside and had fish and chips for tea. The sun was setting on our way home and we stopped to watch it on one of the country lanes for a while. Sorry the pic is not very clear, i had to use my phone to take the pic as i'd left the camera sitting on the dining room table. Only a short drive from my home and you get the most amazing scenery.

Needle and thread have been making progress on Grand Marquoir again this week, i do love stitching on this .... have i told you that before LOL.

Another 4 blocks added this week, that makes page 3 finished so we are half way with this and still well on target for a 2010 finish.

DMC thread fondling time this weekend, the next 8 colours for page 4 have been chosen.

August is drawing to a close rapidly, and i needed to get my monthly Christmas ornament finished. Yet another Shepherds Bush one this time as i really do love these. This one is from the 2009 JCS magazine and is called Santa's Flight. Those little sheep posing as reindeers are so cute!

It should have been the reveal for the monthly challenge at Stitch & Stash today, but it's been postponed until Tuesday, i'll show you that next time i post. A really quick stitch this time, but a new finish for me which turned out quite nicely and was really easy when i followed a tutorial on how to do it.

Here in the UK it's the late summer bank holiday weekend, i hope all the UK folks are having a lovely weekend even though the weather is not so exciting. It means an extra day off work for some, enjoy your lie-in tomorrow folks!!

Hope everyone else has had a lovely weekend too


  1. GM is coming on great Julie and i love your christmas ornie finish.
    Scary how quickly we are approching Christmas isn't it? and the weather is telling us it is too, it was cold enough here last night for me to turn on the heating for a few hours!!

    Hope you have a great Bank Holiday weekend too, whatever the weather

  2. Lovely progress on GM. Your ornie is gorgeous. Lovely picture of the sun set.

  3. Great progress on GM and the ornie is lovely. Enjoy your Bank Holiday tomorrow

  4. Lovely wip and finish. I hate bank hols. Esp when dh is away. What do I do with the kids????

  5. Julie love the Santas flight (of course) I had this from Kate (pipkate) on our stitching christmas ornie exchange last year so one I do not have to do. Lovely way to spend and evening into the sunset!
    Will be in touch soon HUGS

  6. Your little ornament is darling, Julie--I always loved that one and should really stitch it myself some day. How nice that you're on track with GM--it must be fun to choose the colors yourself. You've done an excellent job :)

  7. Love the ornie. GM is beautiful and coming along nicely.

  8. I love your GM, so colourful! 17 weeks until Christmas?! Where has the year gone?

  9. For a cell phone, the picture sure turned out nice.

    Love the ornie. Under cover sheep... very cute :oD

  10. Great ornie and I love GM too may have to this one myself one day its gorgeous
    Hope you are well.
    Hugs Shellie

  11. Shh! Don't mention Christmas...
    Great progress on GM, it looks fabulous with all those bright colours.
    Good luck with the show

  12. I know Christmas will soon be upon us, LOL
    Lovely stitching Julie, I love the colours on the GM.
    Kids go back to school next week....Hooray!

  13. You have made a good progress on GM and the ornament looks lovely.

    Hope all goes well with the show and also with the painters tomorrow.


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