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Sunday, 22 August 2010

A framed finish

Waving a hello to you all from a lovely sunshiney day here in the middle of the UK. After the last few days of nothing but rain showers and dullness this nice bright day is most welcome.

The framer called this week to say my Beatrix Potter was at last ready to be collected. I'm really pleased with what he did to it and this is going to be my entry into the show in a couple of weeks time for the stitching category. Apologies for the poor picture, dark dull days and the camera flash are to blame for that, this was the best one out of about a dozen.

Just in case someone wants to know more about it, this was the year long SAL that Hazel organised last year and is this year being run by Rachael, lots of lovely pics on the blog here and there is also a link to the Needlprint site where you can buy the chart. My choice of threads were Carries Creations in Wedgewood blue and bordeaux red and it's stitched 1x1 on 25ct lugana in potato (it has dark tiny flecks in the fabric).

Talking of the show, there has been a new category added this year. 'A childs toy' is the title and DH suggested i make a bunny family to enter that one. Oh no, not another one i can hear you all shouting, sorry but yes and here they are dressed in their sunday best all ready to be scrutinised by the Horticultual Society judging panel on the day.

The society have strict rules that you have to adhere to in some categories, i once had a cinderella topsy turvy doll (in her rags one end and in her ballgown the other) disqualified as i had put a cardboard dance card in her hand on the ballgown side and as it was in the knitting category it was not allowed. There was a notice pinned to her for all to see explaining that i should read the rules more clearly in future! I was so disappointed that year as it really was a lovely doll.

Feet up and needle in hand a few evenings this week and Grand Marquoir now has 3 more squares. The stitching mojo has made a comeback it seems as i've also almost completed the mothly christmas ornament for the SAL at Stitch & Stash. Fabric and thread for the monthly challenge project have also been sorted and as it's only a little design this month it should stitch up quite quickly.

Tomorrow i'll be spending the day at Amy's as the decorators are coming to finish off the bathroom and paint the kitchen after all the problems. A light at the end of a very long and frustrating tunnel is in sight - i hope!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and the sunshine is making an appearance for you too. Whatever you are doing, have fun and enjoy. Christine, i hope your village show was a great success yeaterday.


  1. Ooooo, BP looks awesome. I love the simple frame. You must be thrilled!

    Love the bunny family ~ way too sweet!

  2. Love your BP Julie - it looks fantastic in that frame.
    The bunnies are lovely too, good luck in the show. GM is coming on well

  3. BP is beautiful. I hope your bunnies do well in the show, some judges are just pedantic for the sake of it, I think they enjoy the power...

  4. Your framed BP looks fabulous. Hope your lovely bunny family win the show. Lovely progress on GM.

  5. Oh Julie Beatrix looks lovely, I will give it 10, so if you get less refer judge to me!! The bunny family is adorable as always, Miss Rose said it reminds her of a cousin she lost touch with lol.
    As for judges well nitpicking isnt the word ,I think Christine is quite right power crazy ,some of the comments can be quite hurtful too.
    So pleased the stitching fingers have returned from the needles and will look forward to seeing the outcome.
    Bottle of champagne or cup of tea on tap for completion of flat then .
    Take care Hugs as always

  6. Oh Julie, i love BP and your little bunny family:-) Good luck with your entries, i'm sure you will come away with a prize!
    That judge at last years show should be awarded a jobs worth hat, fancy being so picky!!

    The weather has been lovely here today too, tomorrow it's all change i here, rain, rain and more rain with gail force winds thrown in for good measure!!

  7. The Beatrix looks divine! Very impressive. Good luck on your show entries!! That was rather picky of the judges. I've never run into that sort around here at the county fairs, thankfully!

  8. Wow,Julie,BP is stunning,love the frame and mount that you have chosen,definitely a winner!!
    The bunny family are so cute and GM is looking really pretty.
    Good luck at the show and hope Amy's flat is completed tomorrow
    Tina xx

  9. Beautiful Julie!!!! I would be very happy with that frame job :o)

    Ohhh...a bunny FAMILY! I wish you all the luck with them :o)

  10. Julie, I love, love, love your BP. I honestly think that is the prettiest one I've seen. I'll have to keep those colors in mind in case I ever do get around to stitching it myself!

    Good luck in the show :)

  11. Your Beattrix looks fab, waht a good framer you have, they are so hard to come by too.
    Love the bunnies as well, fingers crossed for your pieces at the show.

  12. Your BP looks stunning! And the bunny family is too cute for words. I hope that you place well in the show!

  13. BP looks absolutely stunning Julie. Your framer has done a brilliant job.

    Love the bunny family. What a lovely idea.

    Marquoir is looking good.

    GLad Amy's place is finally almost sorted. You must be so relieved.

  14. Julie, your BP is amazing! The framing sets it off so well. You can be proud and I hope it's a winner for you! Love the are quite talented. Thanks for visiting my blog:) (*HUGS*)

  15. BP looks gorgeous!

    The bunny family are soooo cute. Goodluck at the show.

  16. julie, the BP is gorgeous !!! I love the bunny family. I hope the judges treat you better this year. Your GM is stunning, I love all the colors.

  17. Oooh that bunny family is so adorable!

    BP looks fantastic the framer did a great job.

    Glad to see you've found your Mojo!

  18. Sweet little family!

    That comment on your Cinderella entry must have seemed like a public finger slap. Not nice. Gett'em next time.


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