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Monday, 12 July 2010

Sunshine and showers

What do you do when the weathers still incredibly hot and it's way too sticky to be stitching.... sit outside in the shade and read a book of course.

This one was recommended to me, she's one of Karen's favourite authors, Karen has read all of Diana Gabaldons books. Does anyone else like this author? and what do you think to her books? i'd love to know. This one caught my eye in the Age Concern charity bookshop. It's the first one that she wrote and i'd been told you need to read them in order. The title is so perfect for a stitcher don't you think, i wonder if there is any cross stitch in it LOL

The challenge at Stitch /& Stash last month was this design by Les Croniques de Frimousse. I managed to stitch mine before the end of the month but only made it up into a simple pinkeep this weekend. Not a challenging finish, but at least it didn't end up in the 'never get finished' drawer with a lot of others.

The wording looks a bit wonky as i used DMC linen threads for the design and there are 'slubs' in them so it doesn't look so clear - note to self.... don't use linen threads when there is wording in a design, it looks awful.

2010 is whizzing along, it'll soon be time for the annual Fruit & Veg show. I thought i'd better make a start on the sampler for the winner of the Best in Show. I have the pleasure of stitching this every year and another lady from our cross stitch group makes other things for other winners. I found this lovely pansy alphabet in the old charts i'd pulled out of magazines. This one is World of Cross Stitching but it doesn't say which issue anywhere on it. If anyone knows please let me know and i'll update the post just in case anyone is interested in using it themselves.

With the weather being so hot recently, i've had the back door open most of the time. Look at this furry intruder. His name is Treacle and he belongs to next door. It seems he has a preference for the biscuits that i put out for Mr Moe and Midge. Just look at him licking his lips and preparing for a fast getaway after being caught in the act. I bet he was off to let his 2 sisters know there were plenty left for them!

The weather here has finally turned, instead of the sweltering heat and muggyness (is that a word?) today we have some much needed rain. Its been quite heavy at times and fantastic and so much cooler. My garden desperately needs it and so does the allotment. Yesterday DH trimmed back the blackcurrant bushes and i've made a dozen or so jars of blackcurrant jam to fill the store cupboard for the coming months. Not so good for the waistline but oh so yummy on hot buttered toast.

Thanks for visiting and reading my ramblings, i hope there was something you found interesting


  1. Your blog is always interesting Julie, if your dh happens to win best in show does he bring your stitching home again lol.
    IT IS SPITTING, here but no real rain yet. Hopefully tonight we shall get some as the dribble we got the other day did no good at all.I couldnt get on with Diana Gabaldon books although DD has read them all, so if you enjoy perhaps I should retry.Btw did you get my mail? Take care and loads of hugs.

  2. Julie, you'll have to let us know how that book is! I've never read that author but have been reading the Macomber Yarn series.

    Lovely pinkeep!

  3. I've not read any Diane Gabaldon so you'll have to let us know what its like.
    Great finish on the challenge.
    Its drizzling here. Figures. Weeks of sunshine and what does it do for carnival week?

  4. Julie I must agree with you that 2010 is slipping by far too quickly! I'm afraid that my holidays will be here all too soon, and the next thing I'll know the kids are coming back! Argh!

    Great start on your sampler for this year's show!

  5. I was sitting under a big shade tree just yesterday reading.
    I am not familiar wit hthat author, sorry!
    I love the pinkeep, the watering can showering the hearts really catches my eye.
    2010 is going very quickly and you have a great start on the sampler
    Take care!

  6. I just have to say I love love love the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series. (In the US Cross Stitch is published as Outlander.) Her books are fun reads, but they're very well researched as well. The Outlander series actually is what made me choose 18th century Scotland as my empahsis while getting my history degree. No lie, they're great books. You do want to be really sure that you're reading them in order, as each follows the previous one. Everytime she comes out with a new book, I start reading from Outlander until I reach the new book. I very rarely read fiction, spending most of my time reading works on history, but I'll drop everything for an Outlander fix! :)

  7. Lovely finish. I look forward to hearing about your book.

  8. Diana Gabaldon is my favorite author, Julie! The book has nothing to do with needlework, the USA the book is called Outlander. Yes, they must be read in order and it is really just one LONG book split up for convenience, lol!

  9. Mmmm Blackcurrant jam on toast.Yum yum. Think a trip down the motorway is in order! lol.
    Spice says she is not coming to see the boys. They have to come to her!!
    Take care Fi

  10. Your montly challenge finished looks lovely.
    A very good start on the sampler for the show.

    I am sure curious about the book as i haven't read any of hers.

  11. I love Diane Gabaldon. Her Highlander series is fab. Too funny about the kitties.


  12. I love the best in show sampler and the little pin keep.
    Can u tell me which blog it is that u are following with the AOY windmill on it Id love to check it out.
    Hope you are well
    Hugs Shellie

  13. Love your monthly challenge Julie. I'm hoping to start joining in again, I really miss it.

    Love your Best in Show piece.

    I've never read anything by Diana Gabaldon. I only ever seem to read Danielle Steel.

  14. I love the writing: I think it looks more natural following the material quirks.
    I am looking forward to next year when all my blackcurrents should be producing berries: they are babies this year. I will be coming to you for a recipe ;-)

  15. Julie I think you will enjoy the Cross Stitch book, although there is nothing about cross stitch in it!! Can you figure that one out? I read the series and you really do need to read them in order as someone else has said above. Your stitching looks great and I know what you mean about the linen thread - really only looks good on some things I think. Happy stitching and thanks for visiting my blog! x

  16. Never read any of hers.... yet! Lovely Challenge finish - love the rainbow coloured edging you used. The Show piece is going to be another wonderful piece. Cheeky Treacle - obviously thinks you're running a cafe for cats. LOL Hope the garden has recovered after the rain. Had a couple of nice days but it's now started again here. :0)

  17. Yes, I've read that book, too, Julie (but it is called Outlander here in the U.S.--I wonder why they changed the title?). Enjoyed it, but didn't finish the whole series--the books are so huge!

    Such a pretty trim on that pinkeep--it finishes it off so nicely.

  18. I started reading these books over 10 years ago Julie and just couldn't put them down! I think I got as far as the 3rd or 4th book (not got a clue how many there are in the series now) before we moved and started on our Victorian house renovation and then I forgot all about them. You've started something now - I'm going to have to look them up and find out how many are in the series - looks like I may have to read them again to catch up!

    Love your finish for this months challenge. I haven't joined in for the last two years and enjoyed it so much the year I did. Perhaps I will again when I've caught up with some of my finishing!

  19. What a cheeky chappy!!
    I will look out for that book also the new Barbara Erksine one

  20. Very nice stitched piece, Julie.
    I've been absent, so know what it is like trying to catch up in blog world. Daunting,LOL.
    Hope your DD is improving more now. Very stressful for poor mum. Take care, hope to hear an update soon.

  21. love the Diane gabalon books. Have read them all except th emost recent


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