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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Hello blog readers .....

It's been a while since there was news here on the blog... it's not that i haven't wanted to come and chat and see what you've all been up to on your own blogs, i've had one of those times in life when other things take up your time and you just don't have any spare minutes let alone hours to be on the computer and i didn't realise just how long it actually had been. Even Mr Stick was AWOL last week, i'm sure the girls at Stitch & Stash were pleased with that LOL

Amy's problems are still not sorted, we hoped that all would be fixed when she returned home, but alas it wasn't so. The brand new shower leaked and there was a manufacturing problem with the toilet and that had an intermittent leak. We have a temporary one installed as the whole batch has been recalled to the supplier and new ones wont be available until 17th July, so the saga continues until then.

I've also had some health issues myself, i guess it's all the stresses recently. The Dr has recommended a check-up with the neuro guy so i'm now waiting for an appointment so see him. I've also been on some steroids which seem to be helping relieve one problem.

Not a lot of stitching has been accomplished, i did get the challenge stitched in time for the deadline, but as yet it's not made into anything. A small gift for a friend has been done and i'll reveal that when she has received it.

Whilst i was house sitting with the builders/workmen it was hard to try and concentrate on stitching so i decided to try and make use of the time and learn something else that i have wanted to do for a while. LOOkie here, my first sock knitted on 4 needles, it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be when i'd got the hang of holding the needles and its turned out ok. A little too hot to be wearing them right now which is great as i have some time till the winter months to get the second one knitted. DH is really impressed with them and although he loves the ones i did for him last year on 2 needles, this pair have been knitted in my size so he has already suggested that a pair might be a nice pressie in his Christmas stocking.

We did have some good news, Amy's scan results came back and there is nothing serious, that was a relief i can tell you. It seems that she has an over-enlarged and tight muscle in her back. They think it's due to the fact that she is so thin and with standing all day at work and the stress/anxiety she has been under with the problems have made her very tense and the muscle has gone into spasms and as the Dr described 'double overtime'. She has some exercises to do daily and has to try and eat healthy and put on some weight - not very often you hear the Dr saying that! Also he has given her some relaxation techniques to practice and he will review the lump again in a couple of months.

Happy 4th July to my american blogging friends, i hope you have a lovely time celebrating with your families. Hopefully, i'll be able to catch up with everyones news this week and see what exciting things you have all be up to whilst i've been away.


Anonymous said...

Pleased to see you back. If you had not blogged today I was going to email you.
Take care and rest.
Spice sends PURRS!!
Cheers Fi

Anonymous said...
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jane said...

Great to see you back Julie, I hope you are feeling better soon.
That's great news about Amy's scan but not so goo about the repairs to her home. I do hope you get it sorted soon - it must be adding to your stress. Love the sock, I cannot get the hang of holding the 4 needles lol

Julie said...

Great socks, I love the wool you've used. What is it?

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely socks. I hope your problems are soon sorted.

Elisa said...

Nice to see you back....loving the new blog look

Christine said...

Nice to see you back. Great sock, but the real challenge is knitting the 2nd one you know...
Glad Amy's scan came back clear

Carol said...

Sorry to hear that the problems with Amy's housing continue, Julie--what a time she has had. Good news about her scan, though! And wouldn't it be nice to be told by a doctor to gain weight?!

Pretty socks and I love your new blog look with the pretty hummingbirds on the peachy background!

Bonnie said...

Good to see you back Julie.

Hope you are feeling better soon and they can get to the root of your problem. I know stress can really mess a person up.

It is great that you have conquered the 4 needle socks. Congratulations! They look great. I still haven't found time to pick up needles and try my hand at them. I look at all the luscious colored yarn and just dream. lol.

Hope Amy's problems are solved soon. You both have been through a lot.


Mylene said...

Great job on the sock.
Good to hear about your DD's scan but hope all sorted out soon with her house.
I hope you feel better very soon.

Karan said...

Hope Amy is following Dr's orders & that her back is soon 100%. Fingers crossed that the flat saga is soon over too. Hope the consult with the neuro guy goes OK. Hope you're soon feeling much better too. Great sock - love how the wool is knitting up. Take care now. :0)

tintocktap said...

Hi Julie - hope things sot themselves out for you soon. I've been living with builders since February, so I know all about the upheaval! Hopefully, we're now on the countdown to getting rid of them!
Take care!

Barb said...

Hello there Julie like the new look blog, and Mr Moes king of the castle pose .
Sock is looking great, sorry thought they were for your hubby at first, dur.
Take care sweetie and try and get some time to relax yourself.

Ginnie said...

New blog look? Nice.
Hope you feel well soon.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Julie, welcome back! I hope you're fine and that the neuro. says things are just fine!

Wow those socks are just great! I agree way too warm for socks right now.

Sounds like you've earnt some smooth sailing months... I hope you get them with all the stressors you've been through lately!

Julie said...

Thanks for letting me know about the sock wool. I've used Kemps Wools myself and I agree - great service.

Take care,

Julie x

Shellie said...

So sorry uve not been well good luck with the neuro and yell if you need to talk hun xxx

Always smiling said...

Sorry you're not well, hope you're feeling heaps better soon.
Socks are super, I have a pair on the go ready for a christmas pressie!
Love the colour
Happy Knitting..
Chris x

Sally said...

Good to see you back Julie. Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. I do hope you're feeling much better soon {{{{hugs}}}}

Guess what???? I've back joining in on UFO week:) Posted a piccie this morning. Hope that's OK.

Glad Amy's scan results were fine. Not so good with her house though. What a carry on:(