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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Flowers, food & friends

No WIP pics to show as i've not picked up a needle for over a week although life should now return to some sort of normal now that Amy is back in her own place again. A phone call Friday to say all was finished and she could move home so a busy weekend for us all cleaning the place and emptying boxes. The new bathroom looks wonderful, it's just a shame that the brand new toilet has sprung a leak (something to do with the moulding process when it was made) and the shower is not sealed down the side (plumber came straight out and sorted that). The new loo has to be ordered and should be installed before the end of the week then we can all put this horrendous time behind us.

These little dianthus beauties bring a smile to my face, they are a new variety of seed that DH bought just for me.

The recent sunshine has opened them up lovely although there is no scent to them. The reason he chose them is their name, they are called 'bagpuss' and he knows my love of that little chap LOL

The first of the cucumbers in the greenhouse are ripe and ready to be eaten too, so juicy and tasty and so much better than shop bought ones.

There is nothing better than cucumber sandwiches on the lawn for tea, typically british with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea and a nice piece of cake .... sheer heaven on a plate!

Postie came yesterday with a brown envelope addressed to me. I knew for sure i hadn't ordered anything recently. Seeing the address label on the back i knew who it was from but wasn't expecting anything from Karan. Inside was this lovely little surprise parcel, aren't those little froggy sticky notes so cute and i love the bunny chart. Thanks Karan for the lovely surprise, it certainly made my day!

Thanks for visiting, hopefully my stitching mojo will return this week and i'll have something 'hobbyish' to show you next time.


  1. Julie,

    Your flowers and cucumbers look wonderful.

    I just love your surprise goodie package. How fun to get something unexpected. That little frog notepad is so cute.

    I'm glad that your DD was finally able to move back into her place.

  2. they are pretty, I love cucumbers but they don't love me,I'm afraid!!

    What a lovely surprise from Karan!!

  3. Those cucumbers sure look cool, lol and those flowers are beautiful. You sure sound like you had a busy weekend, moving sure is a chore. I am glad everything is getting back on track with her.
    Surprise packages are so much fun. I love the froggy pad.

  4. Sorry to hear yourt low on spoons too, hope you feel better soon.
    Cues look fab mine are still too tiny to eat but wont be too long.
    Lovely and well deserved surprise parcel too
    Tc and happy stitching Shellie

  5. Cucumber sandwiches are one of my favorite treats. I really should at them everyday! LOL
    The Bagpuss flowers are beautiful. I think that color in the garden really catches the eye.

    Hope all is sorted with the new loo ASAP!!!


  6. Glad everything is sorted out with Amy's bathroom at last.
    The cues look delicious

  7. Love that little Bagpuss plant, how cute! not a cucumber eater but it must be very satisfying to go into the greenhouse and pick your own salad :-)
    What a treat to get such a great suprise packet, love the froggy post it's!
    Glad everything is sorted with your daughter now tto

  8. It's really annoying to be too busy to stitch, isn't it? I just can't go too long without my "stress reliever" or I get grouchy!

    The best thing about growing your own veg is you can pick them small and tender. Our shops only carry gargantuan vegetables; woody and tasteless! Alas, I have no vegetable garden...

  9. so glad to hear that Amy has been able to move back to her home. I hopwe the outstanding work is dorted quickly. Your flowers and cucumbers look lovely and that is a lovely gift from Karan.

  10. Hi there Julie, you deserve a suprise well done to Karan for brightening this week for you. Yep cucumber sandwiches cake and earl grey I could cope with that your place or mine.
    Amy will be pleased when all the work is finally finished and properly done so will you ,hopefully not long now.
    Love Bagpuss and it is almost his colour too.

  11. I'm glad to hear your daughter is finally back in her own home! Yay! What a headache that's been!

    What a lovely surprise parcel!

  12. Good to hear that your daughter has gotten to move in finally, Julie--what an ordeal you have all been through! Hopefully they can get the toilet installed (with no more leaks) quickly...

    Beautiful flowers, veggies, and gift from Karan :)

  13. Glad to hear that Amy is back in her home at long last.

    What a lovely surprise from Karan :)

  14. Hope the new loo & shower are now sorted & all is well now.
    Love the bagpusses & those cucumbers look tasty - can't wait until we are growing our own. :0)
    Glad you liked the surprise. :0)

  15. Lovely surprise from Karan.
    Glad to hear you daughter is finally back to her place.

  16. Julie,

    Your "Bagpuss" are just lovely. they have such happy faces. Can I come for the afternoon tea. The cucumbers are amking my mouth water. You goody surprise from Karen is great. Surprises are always fun.

  17. I love the little purple flowers.I have never had a cucumber sandwich.

    It is always nice to receive a surprise in the mail.Karan was real sweet to send such nice goodies.

  18. Have enjoyed reading your blog Julie! Your stitching is lovely.


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