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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Our weekend ...

In our house the weekend officially starts Friday afternoon as DH finishes work around 3pm. This week wasn't a good start though, i had been a very bad girl and shared my cold germs, well if he will insist on his goodnight kiss, then he has to suffer the bad - i did warn him when i was all snuffly. He was feeling very rough (his other health issues don't make for a happy chap when germs are about). An afternoon/evening on the sofa under the fluffy blanket and spending most of the time dozing was all he could manage

Saturday was the day of the local school fete. I was eager to go as i used to be school governor there and its been ages since i met up with the staff. The weather was great, a lovely sunny day and DH decided a breath of fresh air might just do him good too. A short walk and we could soon hearing the drumbeat and the singing of Emmanu'-El Apostolic Gospel Academy it was a great sound and the school playing field was certainly buzzing with lots of the children dancing to the beat. They are entrants in this years Choir of the Year too.

We wandered around and had a go on a lot of stalls, the children and parents were all having such fun. The local police were in attendance and also the Lord Mayor. Returning home DH headed for a snooze to replenish energy levels. Not long after the doorbell rang and i was surprised to see the local councillor at the door. She presented me with this handcrafted fairy doll, i put my name against one of the name choices and when the envelope was opened revealing the answer i had won. Lots of work has gone into this by a local lady. The name i chose was Beth as thats Amy's middle name!

The loveliness of the day soon turned sour. Originally we had been told the work at Amy's was supposed to be finished Friday and her belongings returned Saturday. She phoned me before she started work at 2pm in tears, what a mess at her place. The carpet was still wet from the cleaners and yet they had still delivered all her things that morning when no-one was there. She'd had no confirmation that everything was complete and wasn't scheduled to leave the hotel till Monday morning just in case there was a delay. The repairs are still not finished either! A very irate phone call to the manager on duty at the housing place and he was soon on site to meet me and dad (as Amy was by now in work) to see the state of things. A lot of her stuff had been damaged in the move in/out too. Not a lot could be done as it was the weekend, so we agreed to meet again 9am Monday morning. After lots of discussions with the various departments dealing with this, Amy is still in the hotel until next Sunday and she is to receive compensation for the damage. Yesterday afternoon this basket of flowers arrived here for her as an initial apology for the damage, very pretty but we would have preferred them to have taken more care with her items. She has also had to move out of the executive room at the hotel into a standard room as they were all booked this week, she is not happy and stress levels here are still well above normal!! Everything has been photographed and documented since the beginning of the whole fiasco, so hopefully she will be well compensated in the end.

Sunday DH was still not feeling well, he dozed most of the day, then watched the Grand Prix. I needed something to avert my thoughts and try to stay calm. Decision made easily, this months Christmas ornament would be a quick finish and perk me up. I chose another Shepherds Bush, this one is 'In a Stable' from the JCS 2004 Ornament issue. Simple finish, inspiration lacking this time.

Thats how our weekend shaped up, i hope you had a good one, time for me to do a blog reading catch up and see what you've all been up to. Thanks for taking time to visit.


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely finish. Sorry to hear your daughter's problems still not resolved. Fingers crossed they will be soon. Hope DH is on the mend.

Barb said...

What a time you are having -want to come for a holiday? Hope DH is feeling better and of course you too sweetie. Poor Amy ,thinkyou have taken the right course of action there, Just hope it is not too costly.
Love the ornie not even thought about mine that missing mojo has not turned up yet. Take care hugs for you all.

valerie said...

Oh how awful this whole situation with Amy and her house. I hope things get straightened up quick and that she is compensated fairly for the damages and the trouble. Hope DH is feeling better too!

Love your little SB finish!

Ranae said...

How nice to share your cold??!! lol
Oh Gosh! your poor DD, I hope things get better.
Love the ornament.

Maggie said...

Sorry that your daughter is still having problems, it must be very stressfull!
What a great win you had, lucky you :-) & i love you ornament finish! can i ask, what do you photograph your peices on? they always look so pretty.

Hope your DH is on the mend soon.

Christine said...

Sorry to hear that things still aren't sorted out with Amy's house.
Hope you and DH are over your colds.
The fairy doll you won is beautiful!

Carol said...

What a messy situation for Amy--I do hope things will be made right for her very quickly...

Love your little SB ornament--have always meant to stitch that one myself. The color of the fabric is lovely. Congratulations on winning that little doll, too, Julie!

stitcheranon said...

I am so sorry you are having to deal with so much crap at the moment. Poor Amy, but at least she has a good mum and dad to fight her corner.
I love your ornament. It is beautiful.

Rachael said...

What a lovely prize.

Sorry Amy is still having troubles,I hope all is sorted soon.
How is DH a better by now I hope.

Mylene said...

Congrats on winning the doll, it is beautiful!

So sorry to hear about your DD's problem, i hope it gets settled soon.

A very cute ornament. Congrats! Do hope you and your hubby feels better by now.

DUSTY said...

Hope things work out well for your daughter. Your ornie is lovely !!

Sally said...

I do hope things get sorted for Amy soon.

Hope your DH is feeling much better now.

Your ornie is lovely. I keep thinking I'll stitch up all those from the ornie issues but I never get around to it!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Julie I'm sorry to hear your daughter is having a really rough time of it whit her property and the repairs. I would be ready to shout and scream and hurt someone!

Sorry to her Hubby isn't well.

What cute little ornament I always use stitching to calm myself.

Karan said...

With all of the problems it does sound like they have gone cheap at all levels on this. Hope the solicitor gains substantial compensation for her.... reckon you & DH should be having a go too, as it won't have helped with the health problems both of you have either. Lots of (((((((((hugs))))))))).
Very pretty ornie & I just love the fairy doll. Well done. :0)