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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Playing hooky???

The lovely sunshine seems to be playing hide and seek this week and we're having a lot more rain. The flowers blooming in the garden after last weeks beautiful sunshiney days are taking a battering with the heavy rain. Yesterday evening DH rescued our first bunch of sweet peas and brought them into the house for me. That man knows the simple things that bring a smile to my face, I wish you could smell the lovely scent they're giving off.

LOOKIE what i've been having a go at. I've been trying my hand at crochet. I was directed over to Lucy's blog - Attic24 and WOW what a super blog it is, a treasure trove of information. She also has a ravelry group too. Resistance was futile and i caved in, found a suitable size hook amongst MIL's old things and dug out the oddments of sock wool i had left over and gave it a try ... i think i am hooked on a new hobby. I've decided to carry on using this wool for a while and keep practising making these little granny squares, then i'll make a little blankey and i can practice the joining up skills too.

Someone else in this house is not impressed with the rain showers. You could almost hear the little tiger roar this morning at DS when he got out of bed to leave it as was, it looks like he got his way and made himself right at home all nice and comfy. It sure is a cats life in this house!!


  1. Well done crocheting all those granny squares! Lucy's blog really is wonderful~~creative, colorful and just plain fun :)

  2. Well done, you, I'm thinking of picking up a hook again, my dil makes gorgeous baby hats!

    How about putting a bunch of DMC in a paper bag and pulling one out for the next motif on Grand Marquoir? It works well when you are making a scrap quilt!

  3. Loving your crochet. It is very addictive isn't it? I have joined Lucy's group on ravelry too. x

  4. Your sweet peas are early, mine are way off flowering, I do love the smell of them.
    Your cat has got the right idea, looks like he's just waiting for you to crochet him a blanket

  5. I've never seen REAL sweet peas! What do they smell like? I've seen lots of silk ones, but never live ones.

    The oil spill is a mess. And there doesn't seem to be an end of it. The pictures of dying wildlife are horrific. The president is doing nothing. BP won't tell the truth and our governor is running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Very bad situation.

  6. Your weather sounds a lot like ours--rain, rain, and more rain! At least you've discovered a new hobby to entertain you, Julie.

    I love seeing the sweet peas--remind me of my mom...She always had sweet peas growing up a trellis by our back door each spring.

  7. I love sweet peas as well, such lovely colours. Oh well done you I am still learning, not that I have picked up a hook lately or a needle for that matter!
    How comfy he looks!! LOL mine haven't enjoyed the wet weather at all

  8. We've been having a lot of rain too, especially on the weekends :-(

    Great Granny squares!

  9. All those crochetted squares looks great, Julie. Well done!

    It has been raining here lately too but expected this weekend a dry one. Do hope so as we will be outside for Chris football tournament the whole afternoon.

    Happy weekend!

  10. Beautiful squares! I love crochet but it makes my carpal tunnel act up!

    Sweet Midge. What a way to spend a rainy day!

  11. Congratulations on all those little Granny Squares, they'll make a super throw all put together!

    Not much sun in our part either last week, today's not been too bad though.

  12. Julie, I love the colors of your granny squares. Sometimes the scrap yarns make the prettier throws. Well done.

  13. Like those squares you have done ,why do they call them granny squares -not all grannys are square (not a word you here nowadays lol) some are round me for one. Love those sweepees they are very early.
    Take care sweetie

  14. Rain! Rain go away!!! no much sunshine here either.
    I love crocheting granny squares. Your's look great.
    The Sweet Peas are so pretty

  15. The Sweet Peas are lovely. All of the squares are great.

  16. I can imagine just how glorious they smell. Can't wait for the garden to be done so we can start growing some! LOL WTG on learning a new skill - it will be a lovely blankie... though you won't be needing it just yet, with this weather. LOL :0)
    Boy, does he look comfy & right at home there. LOL


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