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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Happy Birthday Mum

Mums birthday gift was was stitched, sent out and arrived in time for her birthday on Thursday. She lives in a senior citizens complex and the bungalows are quite small, but when we went last time i noticed that she had a vase of flowers sitting on a saucer so as not to mark her old wooden furniture. This gave me an idea, i'd picked up in the LNS sale bin some time ago a large coaster that would easily be large enough to put a vase on top. It took me ages to think of a suitable design to put inside, she has many stitched items that i have done in the past, but i finally decided on the free hardanger design Starstruck from Polstitches Designs. This is a fabulous design for anyone wanting to try out hardanger and the diagrams are really good. Fabric is a 28ct blue linen(no name on it) and the threads are Polstitches own dragon shades Perle 8 & 12 in sky blue. Mum loves blue so it was a hit and she thought it was a perfectly brilliant and useful gift.

This week i decided to focus my stitching time on Grand Marquoir and added 3 more motifs. The more motifs that are added the harder it becomes to choose a different colour. You would think with having a full set of DMC it would be easy, but i spend way too much time looking through boxes and changing my mind each time, i'm so pleased i didn't stitch it all in the same colour and love how it's growing.

Work did commence at Amy's place on Tuesday and we have been summoned to a meeting at 10am tomorrow morning with the manager for an update of the situation. Amy also has her scan tomorrow afternoon, but unfortunately, i wont be able to go with her as i have somehow caught a rotten summer cold and i dont want to enter the hospital full of germs, so DH will be going with her instead. I hope we don't have to wait too long for the results - thats the worst bit. My brother is healing well too and his check-up at the hospital this week went well.

The sun is shining today after a storm last night, the birds are singing in the garden, and life is looking much brighter in our neck of the woods, anyone want my cold, i am happy to share it with you.....


  1. Lovely stitchng as always. I love the colours you are using in the sampler. Hope it is all good news from now on re: health issues and work.

  2. Happy Birthday Julie's Mum!!
    Lovely stitching ,I love the starstruck design I have that somewhere

  3. A lovely gift for your mum Julie and I think GM is looking great and the colours look beautiful. It sounds as if htings are looking up forthe family, hope it continues.

  4. Happy birthday to your mom! Love the coaster you made for her! The progress on your Marquoir is beautiful...

  5. Hope everything goes ok with your daughter tomorrow.

    Lovely stitching on your mothers Birthday pressy, great idea to !
    GM is coming alog really well, i have all the parts printed off, just dont know when ill get round to stitching it.

    Hope you manage to shake off your cold soon x

  6. Lovely gift for your mum. GM is looking great. Hope things continue to improve for you all.

  7. The "super-coaster" is fab, no wonder your Mum liked it. Your marquoir is stunning with all the different colours.
    Thanks for the offer of a cold, but I think I'll pass ;D

  8. Hmmmm no thanks I will pass on the germs very kind of you to offer though Julie!!!!
    Love the little gift for your mum, you always manage to stitch perfect gifts. Hope all goes well with DD and I will be in touch soon. Oh GM is looking to be a beauty.

  9. Sorry to hear you've come down with a cold, Julie--hope it clears up quickly. Your gift for your mother is just lovely--I'm sure she'll think of you every time she uses it under future vases of flowers :)

  10. Your mum, gift is gorgeous Julie. Glad to hear thongs are moving along for DD. Look after yourself with the cold, make sure you rest as they can hit hard - she says from experience lol x x

  11. The gift you made for your Mum looks lovely. I hope you feel better soon.

  12. Love what you stitched for your Mum and your marquoir is looking absolutely gorgeous.

    I hopre you are feeling much better now and that Amy won't have too long to wait for her results {{{{hugs}}}}

  13. Lovely gift for your mom.
    I am loving that GM.
    Hope you are feeling better by mow.

  14. Beautiful gift for your Mum, not surprised she was delighted with it. GM is looking gorgeous too & love the colours you're choosing. :0) Hope the results are through soon - waiting is always the hardest part. Good news about your DBro.


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