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Monday, 31 May 2010

Much calmer ...

Thank you all so much for your kind words of comfort and support on my last post. Life here is settling down a bit better now. The removal men have finally been and stored all of DD's belongings and she is now living out of a suitcase in a hotel - it's nice but not like being in your own home. The work at her place will commence 7.30am tomorrow after our UK bank holiday weekend and hopefully she should be all back home after 2 weeks. It should all look like brand new and wonderful and there should be no more problems - lets hope they got that right!

DH and i have also made a trip to spend the day with my brother to see how he was coping after his operation. Struggling to get around on the crutches, he was in good spirits and taking the attitude that the accident could have been a lot worse and the loss of part of the 2nd and 3rd toe on the right foot will not have too much effect on him once he's fully recovered and the wounds have healed. He's in a lot of pain but hopefully as each day passes that will fade. It certainly made me feel a lot better to actually go and give him a big sister hug and see for myself how he was.

As promised, here's the freebie design - Tulip Time by Primitive Betty - that we stitched for the monthly challenge at Stitch & Stash in May. It was reveal day yesterday so i can now share what i stitched and made. As i said before, mine was sent to Rachael for her birthday as she had previously said she loved tulips and i thought it would make a nice little gift. The little red ribbon from the lindt bunny came in useful and matched the anchor number 47 thread perfectly that i chose to stitch it with. My fabric choice was 36ct edinburgh linen - i certainly needed my magnifier to stitch over 1 on that!

Finally, i made my decision for the year long Just Nan SAL that Tina is running at Stitch & Stash. I have quite a few of Nan's designs and they are all so lovely. This one was a birthday gift from Karen last year and it screams summer months and flowers in the garden so thats what it's going to be and is so aptly named Floral Fifteen. I decided not to use white fabric with the green but chose a subtle yellow, maybe the colour will show better the next time i take an update picture. Very pretty colours in this one, block one finished, only 14 more to stitch before the fiddly making up of a 15 sided biscornu.

DH and i have also been to visit my mum, she has a birthday early in June. We took a present we had bought for her but unfortunately her stitched gift wasn't quite finished. I'm hoping to get it finished later today and in the post for her tomorrow so it arrives in time for her birthday on Thursday. It's looking really nice and the colours are very pretty, i'll share that with you next time.

We've had some really sad news this weekend too. Remember DH's customer and the clothes i knitted for his daughters dolly. We came back from our trip over the weekend to a message that he is in intensive care in hospital suffering kidney failure. Lots of well wishes going out to him and his young family.

I hope you are all fit and well and life is being kind to you

Love and {hugs}


  1. lovely cushion...i love the strawberry fabric...thank you for the link to the pattern

  2. Prayers for your brother and your DH's customer.

    Good luck to your daughter and hope she will soon be back home.

    cute cushion and land sakes I love biscornus but i could never tackle the Just Nan, lol.

  3. What a darling tulip pillow! So glad that your brother is in good spirits...hope his recovery time goes quickly!

  4. Yes it is a gorgeous pin cushion and it's all mine...LOL
    So glad Amy is more comfortable in a hotel and things are getting done.
    Nothing better than being able to go and give them a hug is there

  5. That's a lovely pin-pillow finished for the monthly SAL.

    Sending good thoughts for your brother and dh's costumer.

  6. I hope DD will be back in her home soon Julie. {{{hugs}}} for her. Sending positive vibes for your brother and DH's customer too.

    Your Tulip Time finish is beautiful and I absolutely love your finishes in your previous post.

  7. Much calmer is much better.
    The little pillow is cute and made a great gift.
    The JN is gorgeous,
    That 15 sides is on my list, What a challenge, for me anyway.
    I want to see what you stitched for your mum.
    Prayers for your brother and DH's customer

  8. Great finish on the monthly challenge. Those Lindt bunnies get everywhere don't they?
    Glad DDs house is being sorted out and that your brother is recovering.
    Hope DHs client is soon well

  9. Julie, you've been through a rough time of it lately!!!

    Your reveal is just lovley and I can't wait to see your Just Nan Biscornu take shape!!!

  10. Hi Julie,

    Love cushion I hadn't thought of it in red it is gorgeous.
    Glad everything has calmed down for you and daughter

    Chris x

  11. Bit late getting to you this time my friend,due to the computer gremlins. Love your May finish and the fabric you used blimey over 1 on 36 I too would need pebble glasses for that.
    The floral fifteen will be wonderful I am sure,as you is so gifted!!!!
    Glad everything is looking brighter,apart from your dolly girls daddy Prayers are with him and them.

  12. I'm glad to hear that your brother is recovering well, Julie, and taking a positive outlook on the whole situation... That makes such a difference in how quickly one recovers.

    Your little tulip pillow is so sweet--every time I see it stitched on someone's blog, I mean to pull my chart out and stitch is myself.

  13. Glad the work is finally ongoing. Good to hear that your DBro is doing OK... but such sad news about DH's customer - so hope something can be done for him.
    Tulip Time is lovely - lucky Rachael. Going to enjoy seeing the new JN develop... though I don't envy you the making up! LOL Hope your Mum had a Happy Birthday. :0)


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