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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

3 little finishes

Two of the birthday gifts i stitched, i can now share. Kathy (no blog) has recently tried quilting and i decided that a larger pincushion finish would be nice, lots of pins needed in quilting and a safe place for them to live.

Julianne, also celebrated her birthday at the weekend, and i made the smaller pillow for her. Design is by Elizabeth Designs and perfect for two stitchers whose work i love to see and admire.

Rachael also celebrated her birthday, but i will reveal my stitched gift for her next time i post, as i chose the challenge piece for this month as her gift knowing her love of that particular flower. Happy Birthday ladies i hope you all had a lovely day.

Another Christmas ornament to add to my collection. This months design is from Just Cross Stitch ornament edition for 2002. Shepherds Bush ornaments are something i have been wanting to stitch for a while, but somehow something else always gets done. This month i decided to put that right and make a start on them. I didn't have a sheep charm so stitched a second sheep instead.

Lots of stressful stuff going on here right now, what with DD and her ongoing building problems (which have still not started and so much trouble from the landlords that needn't be happening). She is living in such a mess and having to come here every day as she has no bathroom facilities apart from a small cloakroom toilet downstairs. My brother was rushed into hospital and has had 2 of his toes partially amputated after a gardening accident at the weekend - frightening stuff! An ongoing problem with DD's back has escalated and a lump has been found, so she's off for a scan beginning of next month to check that out. There are other issues too, but i think i've moaned enough and you didn't come here to read about the hiccups life is dealing us right now!!

I'm trying to get at least an hour of relaxation and stitching time, therapy time DH calls it each day and finally decided on the Just Nan design i want to do to continue the SAL that Tina is running at Stitch & Stash. Fabric and threads sorted out and i've put a few stitches into it, i'll take a pic and show you what i've chosen next time i'm here when there's more than just a couple of little x's

Thanks for stopping by, your visits are so much appreciated. It's nice to come and see a comment, it does brighten your day when life is making you feel somewhat grumpy and stressed out.


  1. hugs to you Julie,
    you are dealing with a lot it seems. Ouch about the toe incident. I pray he heals properly & can walk properly, despite the issues. My dad cut part of a finger off doing woodworking year's ago. He functions fine without it.
    Your stitching is beautiful, as always! I love the special friend pillow!!!! Must find that pattern!
    Have a great day!!!

  2. Hugs Julie - sounds like you need them more than me lol. Oooh those gfts are just lovely. You have just reminded me about the JN SAL. Not put a stitch into her for two months. I better take it to Tracy's lol.

  3. We are here to give support as well as praise the wonderful stitching you do, just as you do for many of us. I hope your daughter's back is nothing that will cause worry and am sending you hugs through cyberspace.

  4. Sorry things are a bit stressful for you at the moment hope it soons picks up. Your stitching is lovely as always.

  5. What a lovely trio of stitchy gifts.
    (((hugs))) to you and your family I do hope things get better for your family
    Thinking of you!!

  6. Beautiful finishes and all perfectly finish.

    Sorry to hear your family is going through a rough patch. Sending good thoughts for you all.

  7. Great stitching and finishing Julie.
    Hope all your family issues get sorted out soon

  8. Lovely gifts Julie, I am sure they will be much appreciated. I hope yourfamily troubles resolve soon - you are all having a tough time of it at the moment.

  9. Sending lots of (((((((((hugs))))))))) for you all, along with positive thoughts & lots of healing vibes. Hope things improve soon Julie.
    All beautiful finishes. Those are two very lucky recipients. Look forward to seeing which JN you started. :0)

  10. Hope your weekend is "sunnier" for you and your family!

    Great finishes with the pincushions. Very cute design.

  11. Your finishes are lovely- your friends will love them.

  12. Oh Julie, you do have a lot of stressful stuff going on! I do hope everything works out fine for your family!

    I love these SB ornaments and have them all kitted up to do - I really should make a start on them myself! Love the ED pillows too - perfect gifts for stitchers! :o)

  13. Oh, Julie--I'm so sorry to hear about your family's difficulties right now... That is so sad to lose two toes through a gardening accident...I hope your brother is recovering well.

    Your ornament and stitcher pillows are just great--I know what you mean about using stitching as therapy. It is an instant relaxer for me (except when Mr. Frog visits!). Hope your coming week is better for your whole family :)

  14. *GOOD THOUGHTS* for you and your family. :(

  15. Julie your pincushions and oranment are lovely!

    Sorry to hear you have a lot of stress in your life, and went it involved other people its always out of your control!

    Take care of yourself!

  16. Chin up sweetie it will all be better soon -well one lives in hope! Will be in touch soon, Love the special stitcher pillows and the SB one oohh soon be time for the monthly challenge reveal wonder what you will think of mine?!HEE HEE.
    lOADS of hugs and love.

  17. Your finishes are lovely Julie. Hope your family's troubles get sorted out soon.

  18. Hi Julie
    How horrible for your daughter and her landlord should be reported. I am a landlord and my tenants get things fixed if anything goes wrong immediately, hope its sorted soon for her. And how awful for your brother, hope he will be alright
    Stitching is lovely.
    And yes it is theraputic!
    Happy Stitching
    Chris x

  19. Oh Julie I do hope Amy's problems can be sorted soon,Ouch I hope your brother is ok and healing fast.
    I do hope things are brighter soon for you and your Family.
    Lovely pincushions


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