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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Happy St Swithin's Day

Do you believe in folklore?
Have you ever heard of St Swithin

There are various different ways this rhyme is written depending which part of the UK you live but they all mean the same thing.
St Swithin's Day, if it does rain
Full forty days, it will remain
St Swithin's Day, if it be fair
For forty days, t'will rain no more

If there is rain on July 15th it is supposed to rain for the following 40 days and 40 nights.

Last evening when i was at the stitchy club there was the most awful thunderstorm, i am a wuss when it comes to thunder - bad experience as a child when a window was blown in during a storm and my mothers wrist was slashed across a vein, blood everywhere - why is it even as an adult you never seem to rid yourself of a bad experience and it always come to the forefront of your mind when you don't want it to? sorry, here i am waffling and going off the subject .... what i was going to say was that today has not been much better, we've had about 10 or so bursts of heavy rain inbetween the sunny periods. I guess if the folklore is true that means the school summer holidays which start on Friday will be a very wet time.

Whilst i was trying to keep busy at the club and not look out of the window, although you didn't really need to look at it, the sound of the rain beating a tune on the roof meant you had to raise your voice to be heard and the loud claps of thunder followed by the ooo's and aaaaah's from those that "love a good storm"! One lady loves it and was really excited by it all, but me i kept stitching away on the sampler and managed to get the basic wording complete and not a frogged stitch in sight, so one bit of good news was my concentration level was good even in the storm as the frog is keen to visit when i stitch as the club each week LOL

Here's another question for you.... have you heard of the Mongol Rally 2010? It starts 24th July, a fun event where whacky cars aim to drive the 10,000 miles to Mongolia from the UK. DH had a phone call from one of this team to ask if he would be able to help them out. They are hoping to take a 'well worn' Rolls Royce that once belonged to Sir Jimmy Saville (that was the kinder version of what DH called it) and they were looking for a Rolls mechanic who would be willing to give them his time free of charge and give their car a checkover before they left. As one of the charities they are supporting is the MS Society, DH and DS were only too pleased to spend a day with them last week and give the car the onceover. It'll be fun to follow their progress and see if they make it to the finish line.

We've just had another bout of rain and i have one very wet and furry cat sporting a punk hairstyle rubbing round my legs, i'd better go and see if he'll let me give him a rub down with a towel before he has something to eat. I'll leave you with that thought, i'm sure all you cat owners will be smiling at the prospect and wondering if i actually managed to grab him and persuade him it's for his own good.....


  1. Thanks for that cheery thought Julie, I wont pass it on to DD as she will be less than impressed lol.
    When I saw your title I did think to myself ,oh no is that today, cause we now have little pitter patter raindrops on the window.
    Oh well the garden needs it, did I really say that !!!!
    Poor puddy,I shall have a bedraggled Ollie in a minute when he gets back from his walk , however he enjoys a rub down. I hope it doesnt thunder tonight as DH is out and I do not like it!!
    Hugs as always

  2. OOPS sorry forgot to say the car thing sounds fun if you like that sort of thing. Hope your DH gets his name mentioned somewhere.

  3. I love a good storm especially in a tent in wales lol but must admit i still get a bit scared as well.
    Best in show is looking fantastic.
    Followes that link to Lesleyannes Lighthouse and realsied Id already been on her site and comment on it lol. Have done some more on both my Lighthouse and my Windmill today and just blogged it.
    Im also looking for button addicts pmsl Decided I might have a bit of a n obsession.
    Have fun with the cars and hope ur poor soggy moggy has got dry and warm now.
    TC Hugs and Happy Stitching Shellie

  4. I love a storm too especially when it's been as warm as it's been. But I can understand your fears when you have been through something that traumatic.
    Poor puddy cat, bothe mine have been out in it and look very funny, luckily they don't mind too much(well maybe a little) when I dry them, but they will go out in it!!

  5. I love storms but only from the inside!
    Trying to hold a wet cat. You are on your own with that one ;-)

  6. Well we are currently having winter and it was a fine day. But after hanging out the washing this morning noticed rain clouds coming in LOL

  7. LOL at the wet cat, they look so funny when they are soaked.
    Thats pretty cool about the rally, I'll have to watch out for news about it.
    The best in show sampler looks great.

  8. Best in Show looks lovely Julie. Whoever wins will be very lucky to have this:)

    I don't like storms. I do get quite scared if they get very close. Of course it's carnival weekend here and it's forecast wind and rain. Typical!

  9. I love your Best In Show piece Julie - what a great prize for someone to win! I'm not keen on thunder either but Lottie seems to love the rain, normally she hates going outside but she does enjoy it in the rain.
    That rally sounds interesting - wonder if the Rolls will make it all the way?

  10. I LOVE that pansy alphabet this year's sampler is perfect!

  11. Best In Show is looking beautiful!

  12. We are having the heavy rain,thunder storms and tornado warnings on this side of the pond also. the last couple of days have been terrible. We are supposed to get another heat wave in the next couple of days with temps in the hundreds (F). I sure an glad we have A/C. The pansy alphabet is lovely.

  13. The car journet sound interesting. How many miles do they have to travel ???

  14. Not keen on storms since I had to walk through one - seriously scarey & I needed a whiskey to calm me down after... & I hate whiskey. LOL Not surprised you hate them after that experience (((((hugs))))).
    From the blog etc it sounds like those lads are right characters. Hope they make it.
    Lovely piece for the show. :0)


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