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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Monthly ornament

It's that time of the year again when stitchers are off on their hols. This lovely postcard dropped through my letterbox yesterday. It's from Wanda Witch Bunny. For those of you who don't know, she is one of Mr Sticks bunny spys from the UFO group at Stitch & Stash and was sent to Karan for her birthday last year. That broomstick was the perfect poking stick to make sure Karan stitched on her UFO projects each week.

They've both been holidaying up in the Lake District this past couple of weeks, and getting up to lots of exciting things i bet. I wonder if they got to see a real Peter Rabbit up at Hill Top Farm or even the original Betrix Potter sampler that i stitched a copy of last year, now that would have been an amazing sight to see. Thank you Karan and Wanda, i hope you had a wonderful relaxing holiday and have come home all raring to go on your UFO project!

This weekend i needed a fast finish fix, one of those times when you need to be happy dancing about in glee when you stitch something that really does turn out nicely. The monthly ornament for the Stitch & Stash group was just the thing. Another Shepherds Bush one again, this time it's from JCS Ornament Mag 2006 and called Mary & Joseph. This small piece of 32ct lugana in lemon zest that was in the 'little bits' bag was the perfect size for it. The trim was a gift from Kathy (no blog) last Christmas and jumped out of the finishing bits drawer and looks the perfect edging trim for it (well i think so LOL).

Yesterday DH and i attended a Cops and Robbers afternoon organised by the local events committee together with the police and local brewery. There was lots to do, we had our thumb prints taken and there was a competition for the children to find the 'baddie' and they were put into a mobile cell and on trial. It was really good fun. The police were in attendance by the van load to offer advice on any aspect you wished to discuss. They were also marking (post coding) bikes and repairing them for youngsters. The lord mayor was in attendance as well as the local councillor and we had a demonstratioon by the local Parkour (urban free running) group. These guys have won a grant and got the only freerunning site outside of London built on a local park, next weekend is the offical opening of that.

I hope you had a good weekend with your families


  1. Lovely ornament Julie, sounds like an interesting day out!

  2. Love the ornie its so sweet.
    TY for the lovely comments you left on my blog I seem to be gettingless and less these days LOL
    Looks like u had a fab w/e , we had a very busy one sorting things ready for the off on thurs to Wales for 2 weeks can't wait.
    TC Hugs Shellie xxx

  3. Sounds like you had a really good weekend out too Julie.
    Love the ornie and yes it looks perfect!
    I have a book about Beatrix Potter which I pick up occasionally. I loved the film and would really like a visit to Hill Top lucky Karan.
    Hope Wanda kept her broomstick at the ready and Karan got lots of stitching done !!!lol

  4. Sounds like a fun day out. The free runners are amazing, well done to them for getting their sport recognised and catered for.
    Fab ornie!

  5. Fab ornie!
    Sounds like you had a fun day out. The free runners are amazing, well done to them for getting their sport recognised and catered for.

  6. Beautiful ornament. I love that trim....too perfect.


  7. Julie what a lovely little ornament! I must start mine soon!

  8. that postcard looks like somewhere I would love to visit.!!!!
    Reminds me of places we saw on our get away last week!
    I love the ornament you made. Beautiful work!
    Have a wonderful week!!!

  9. I love the feeling of a fast stitch and finish, too, Julie! Your little ornament is so wonderful :)

  10. What a lovely ornament, Julie.

    I hope you are having a good week.

  11. Your ornament is gorgeous Julie. I may have to make a point of trying to stitch one of the SB ornies a month next year. Lol!

  12. Glad the card got there OK - unfortunately I didn't get to see the original as DH & DS didn't fancy going there. Did see lots of Peter rabbit look-alikes though. LOL Beautiful ornie & perfect trim for it. The day out sounds like good fun. :0)

  13. Lovely ornie and aren't you early for Christmas!
    Hope you're well,I have been neglecting my bloggy friends so am out of touch with your world, sorry!

    Chris x

  14. lovely SB. I may even be tempted to pull out an older SB in my stash!!! (was on Sally's blog)

    stitch well - luv the 'best in show', too Very creative


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