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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Birthdays, show and socks

This little free chart from Shepherds Bush is the design i chose to stitch for Karan for her birthday earlier this month. Forgetting she was going to be away on her hols for her birthday, i forgot to post the parcel so it arrived before she left.

Now that she is home and it's arrived safely (thank you Royal Mail) i can share it with you. The yellow gingham fabric was not my first choice of fabric for it, but i'm gald i stuck with it, it looks really summery and turned out quite nice and was a lovely design to stitch. I seem to be having quite a few SB little finishes recently.

The fruit and veg show is drawing closer. Tonight we have another meeting with the committee at my home. I thought i better make the sampler a priority and i put the finishing touches to it this weekend. It's a fun job to think of different things to put into it, you never know if a crafter, a flower grower or a fruit and veg grower will win the Best in Show. Just need to find a nice frame for it now.

We've had a busy weekend, DD had an allergic reaction to some antibiotics, they were changed and she is on the mend now. DS was away with friends for a long weekend in Portsmouth and DH had Friday and Monday off work. We got some jobs done that we had been meaning to for a while. Friends came over Sunday afternoon and a visit from my brother yesterday. Evenings i was too tired to stitch so the knitting came out and i finished off the second sock. I'm really proud of my first pair knitted on 4 pins and will definately be doing more.

News from DD's place .... the temporary toilet will be replaced with the new one this evening and on Friday the inspector will be out to see the standard of work that has been done and make a list of what is still outstanding. I did ask if the date could be changed as i really dont want to be there getting all stressed out on Friday, i had other plans for that day, some of you will know all about that, but i'll leave the rest of you in suspense till next time to tell you what is supposed to be happening on Friday.

I better get off here now and go and get ready for my yoga class this morning. Mum is coming over for lunch today too, and then we have the meeting this evening, going to be a busy day again, enjoy your day whatever your plans


  1. I love what you stitched for Karan. It's gorgeous. Best in Show is lovely. Someone is going to be very lucky. Love the socks too.

    I hope everything gets sorted with Amy's house. It's utterly ridiculous. I do hope she's feeling much better now after her reaction the medication.

    Oooh I know what Friday is!!!! Lol! Actually I must email you as I'm a bit worried.

  2. I quite agree with Sally Julie,the Karan gift is gorgeous. I love the fabric that you used too a lovely summery piece.
    Socks are great and someone will be pleased with Best in Show.
    hugs to Amy poor girl, hope all goes well on Friday hee hee we know what is happening on Friday.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Beautiful gift for Karan. I love your socks. Lol I know how to do it on 5 needles but not on four. You'll have to show me at the next meet up lol. x

  5. I adore that SB pretty...the yellow gingham has a real summery feel!
    The Best in Show sampler is fabulous too!

  6. Both your stitching pieces are gorgeous. Lovely socks. Hope your daughter's problems are soon sorted. Thank you for your comment re Henry VIII being my new stitch for 2011 - great minds must think alike as I was thinking along these lines myself.

  7. Lovely giftie for Karan! Great job! Love the yellow gingham...

    Also love your Best in Show and the socks! Oh, how I love socks!

  8. Love the stitching and the socks and pleased to hear that DD house is nearly sorted.. Poor love and that she is feeling heaps better,

    Chris x

  9. love the piece you stitched for the gift.
    and oh my!!!!! Love the best in show piece....we are a 4-H family, so we relate well to pretty!!!!
    hope things improve for your daughter!!

  10. I love the SB piece! The fabric worked out great. :)

  11. The SB cushion for Karan is lovely. Great Best in Show and socks too.
    Amy must be sick to death of all this carry on by now

  12. Hi Again Julie

    I wondered about your GM This new design I am doing is called
    Grand ABECEDAIRE and is similar to the GM design I think that's why it appealed to me. I am enjoying stitching it, as it is simple so I can stitch watching TV well part watching... what count are you using for your GM as I loved what you've shown in past entries..
    I can get stocked up ready to do it next????

    Happy stitching and knitting
    Chris x

  13. The hanging orni you stitched for Karen looks so cheerful :-) and those socks look very cosy.

    Hope your DD loo gets fixed properly this time.

  14. What a lovely piece you made for Karan's birthday. I sure miss her blog post, i hope she is fine.

    Best in show is looking beautiful. I do hope all get sorted out soon for your daughter very soon.

  15. I love my pillow (& poem & card). Thank you again Julie (((((hugs))))). :0)
    Love the sampler - it'll be another very lucky winner who gets to keep it. Lovely socks too. Fingers crossed all goes OK tonight (no, not the way you want to spend your birthday!) & that Amy is OK now. Have a great weekend. :0)


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