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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Happy Birthday

Have you all been wondering the reason why i didn't want to meet the inspector at Amy's last Friday and what i might have been doing ......... it was my 47th birthday!!!

I did meet the housing inspector first thing in the morning and it went very well, she agreed with all of our concerns and will be in touch early next week. The replacement toilet hadn't in fact been fitted on Tuesday as planned, a problem with it arriving on time so it was supposed to be done Friday evening, so i would have to return again that evening.

We headed back home as there was a pile of cards and pressies to be opened. After a nice slice of birthday cake and a cup of tea, i found the most wonderful gifts from my stitching friends. I have been thoroughly spoilt by you all.

A big box from Karen had arrived earlier in the week, DH hid it because he knows i can't resist touching and feeling something that has been sent by Karen, she knows me so well. Thank you Karen, i'd forgotten all about our chat and the ladybird. That candle smells heavenly.

An envelope from Amazon arrived with the crochet book, but there was also an envelope from Barb that came a couple of days later. This pillow is amazing and so beautifully stitched and finished. Thank you so much Barb for your kindness.

This one did make me laugh out loud, do you remember Seymour, Rose & girls, the bunny family that went to live with Barb, this is a little giftie addressed to 'Julie mum' . For those who are new to reading my blog you can see them here. Below is what was inside, who doesn't love Beatrix Potter and her bunnies.

As you all know bagpuss is my all time favourite childrens character, Karan has so cleverly made me a decoupage card with him on, he is so cute. She also sent me this super 4 seasons chart to stitch, i have admired this one for a while. Thank you Karan, i'm going to enjoy stitching this one.

Sally was kind enough to make me a lovely pinkeep, she knows my love of cats, who doesn't LOL. Such a cute card too, explaining how to have a DIY hug. Thank you Sally.

Lovely cards were also sent by Rachael, Helen, Kathy & Angi, both of these ladies don't have a blog - might have to get nagging so they do soon! Thank you ladies.

I did return to Amy's on the evening of my birthday, but that was yet another disaster in the bathroom saga. The plumber arrived but couldn't fit the new toilet as he needed to go to the dentist with toothache. He promised to come back Saturday at noon, he did, removed the temporary toilet and went to fit the new one... guess what... that was cracked on the outer so he did fit it but we are now still waiting for yet another one - this will be the 5th one! So the sage of that still goes on some 3 months after the kitchen ceiling collapsed.

I ended my birthday with a lovely meal cooked by Amy for DH and myself, and a nice evening spent with my family.

to you all for your continued visits here and for the support and friendship you give to me. I felt truly spoilt on my birthday by both family and friends.

Love and {{hugs}} to you all


  1. Happy birthday, Julie! You got some really lovely gifties there!

  2. Glad you had a great birthday dispite the on going toilet episode! Looks like you had some wonderful pressies there:-)

    Have a good week x

  3. Oh shoot! I wish I'd have known about it. Happy Birthday to you! Looks like you got some lovelies through the post. x

  4. Happy Birthday Julie!! You received lots of lovely wonderful! Sorry to hear that your DD's saga continues...unbelievable!

  5. Happy belated birthday. Glad you had a lovely day. You received some lovely gifts. Fingers crossed your daughte's problems are soon sorted.

  6. Glad you enjoyed your birthday (apart from the cracked toilet!), you got some lovely gifts.

  7. Goodness Julie what a day you had! perhaps you had better have an unbirthday to make up for it lol.Oh nice pressies and I am so pleased you liked the pillow as I almost lost it twice before it got posted to you.
    Hope all goes well today and I love the bagpuss pics.Karans card was perfect wasn't it.
    Take sweetie be in touch soon.

  8. It sounds as though you had a lovely day Julie and you stitchy gifts are very nice.

  9. Happy belated Birthday!! Julie
    You got some beautiful pile of cards and such.
    Fingers crossed for the saga to return to normal

  10. Belated Happy Birthday Julie. And wow! such lovely presents from friends. Enjoy!!

  11. Happy belated birthday, Julie--what a lovely group of gifts you received. You sure have a very special group of friends :)

  12. Happy Belated Birthday!!! :)

  13. Happy Birthday to you!!!!! What a wonderful day!!!! You got some awesome things from friends!!! Aren't stitching friend's the best?!?!?!

  14. Lovely goodies & cards Julie. Glad you had a lovely birthday - despite the continuing bathroom sage. (Let's hope this is finally over very soon now). :0)

  15. Happy Belated Birthday Julie....and what a haul of beautiful gifts...glad you enjoyed your family time xx

  16. Belated Happy Birthday, Sorry I am so behind on blog reading, I am glad you got my card , I am still making your present, I have been behind on everything sorry, hopefully I will have it sent out next week when I get back from camping. Hugs Rachael

  17. Happy Belated Birthday Julie! So glad you had a lovely day. You received some lovely gifts. I'm glad you liked the pinkeep:)

  18. Aw happy Birthdasy Julie so sorry I missed it, and pleased you got lots of lovely gifts for a lovely lady.
    TC hugs Shellie


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