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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Oh no not more bunnies!

Not only am i seeing knitted bunnys, there are rabbits hopping around in my garden, strange rabbits too or so i thought. Am i going mad? do i need the men in white coats to take me away Ha Ha?? NO don't answer that LOL

My gardens quite secure apart from the hedge between us and next door, so after a quick phone call to the neighbour at her work to see if she knew anything about them, it seems they have 2 new additions and this morning they must have escaped somehow. I've spent the best part of the morning trying to tempt them into the carrier with DH's lettuce leaves and then the man of the house next door arrives home for lunch and snaffles them from under the hedge in 10 minutes, how did he do that? At least i can breathe a sigh of relief that they are safe as Mr Foxy has been leaving his footprints across our garden for the past couple of nights and i had visions of them becoming a night time snack for him ... perish the thought!

Yes, you guessed it, another birthday at the stitchy club later this month, another bookmark and the expected jar of marmalade the ladies like to receive. Our group is dwindling, we now only have a few members. Last week we had a lovely surprise, the lady who's receiving chemo treatment stopped by. She looks so well considering the treatment she is having, and we all agreed with her familys view that her wig really suits her and she has no need to be self conscious of it when out. We do miss her each week and i think it really did lift her spirits to be among friends laughing and talking even for a short time.

I think i have earned a nice cup of tea and maybe a choccie biscuit or two. All that exercise in the garden trying to catch those little fluffy critters must have worked off some calories this morning, anyone fancy a chat and a biscuit over a cuppa in my conservatory?


stitcheranon said... sad am I . I know that bunny has 'old English' bunny markings lol.
I miss my bunnies ;-(
Glad you had a nice chance to chat with your friend...and your marmalade looks great ;-)

jane said...

well,well bunnies in the garden wonder you were surprised!
Lucky lady getting that beautiful bookmark and marmalade. I would love to pop round for a cuppa - shame I don't live round the

Maggie said...

Those bunnies can sure runs can't they, lol. I baby sat my daughters 2 rabbits this weekend at my house and decided not to let them out in the garden, apart from the fact that they eat everything sight i was frightend they might get out!

Shame your stitchy club members are dwindling, there are no clubs that i know too in my area which is a shame.

Daffycat said...

Cute visitors!

Christine said...

Hope your visitors didn't cause too much damage in the garden

Rachael said...

It's a wonder Midge and Moe didn't help round them up! LOL Sorry to hear your group is dwindling, if I lived closer I would love to help the numbers.

Always smiling said...

What a surprise to find the rabbit, one of ours always used to escape and it me.. Mum.. in my dressing gown trying to round him up, not the children!!.. would love a cuppa in your conservatory. I'd bring my stitching too!!!LOL
Chris x

Barb said...

Love the buuny tea picnic set too Julie.
Hope the bunnies have not eaten the lettuces , you havent found any little shoes or jackets have you ?
I too wish I could nip round the corner for a cuppa , oh well you will just have to come to me lol.

Mylene said...

That bunny is so cute though, glad they were safely home with the owners now.

Another lovely bookmark you finish.

Ginnie said...

such a sweet bunny, I miss having rabbits ! We had lots during my childhood!