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Monday, 10 May 2010

Thank you Karen

Last week we had an emergency, DD phoned to say that her kitchen ceiling had partially collapsed and water was dripping through the light fittings, emergency housing folks came out and decided that the leak in the shower that has been happening for the past 18 months had certainly not been fixed properly on the numerous occasions that she had complained and now it was classed as a major emergency! As she works full time, guess who got the pleasure of babysitting the builders...not the ideal place to take some stitching with all the debris and mess that was about so not a lot was done last week. We have a meeting with the builders etc this afteroon to see what plans they have for continuing with everything this week and if i need to be house sitting again. I did come home one of the days to a lovely surprise envelope. Karen has been playing with glass and made me this gorgeous book thong, it looks right at home in my latest book. Thanks Karen for the lovely surprise.

Seeing as i have nothing else i can show you today, i did get May's challenge piece stitched and made up yesterday but can't reveal that till end of the month, i remembered this morning to take a picture of Irish Garden (WIP's link in sidebar to finished pic).

Have a good week


  1. Hope your daughter's ceiling is sorted soon. Lovely stitching and book thong.

  2. I think your daughter's ceiling collapse is a lot worse than our allotment shed poor love, and lovely you for helping out. I love the book 'thong' never heard of them. One thing that book you're reading is a real good read and so is her other The other Side of the Bridge.. two very good reads.
    We are very upset about the shed and can't believe it has happened, we will buy another petrol mower as it was so useful and we can use it at the house in Essex as it has a large lawn, athough I think Mike will want to dig it up and grow veg!!
    We'll get over it as I said your DD's ceiling is a lot worse.
    Love and Blessings
    Happy Stitching
    Chris x

  3. The Irish Garden is about to become a part of my stash!!

    Oh--we did the shower thing, too. It came thru the wall in the living room behind the sofa. A mess.

  4. Hi! Julie,
    I sure hope your DD's house is back to normal soon. I understand the mess, my frinds grandma left the water on in the upstairs bathroom, same thing a mess.
    I love that book thong.
    Irish Garden is looking good

  5. Shall have to keep eye open for book Julie, Hope ceiling is on track and the builders turned up.
    Nice thong from Karen, and Irish Garden is growing nicely.

  6. Awww Julie Mays challenge piece is so pretty Well done xxx

  7. My niece had the same thing happen at her home this winter--what a mess--and trying to keep her triplet girls out of their now ruined playroom was a nightmare for her. Hope your daughter's disaster is fixed quickly, Julie.

    What a pretty gift from Karen--I've never seen one before like that...

    Have a good week, Julie :)

  8. What a nice surprise from your friend Karen and your Iris Garden is looking beautiful.

    I do hope your DD ceiling is sorted out but by now.

  9. Hope the ceiling is fixed and the leak is properly mended this time.
    What a fantastic surpise from Karen!

  10. Oh no poor Amy. I hope it's all fixed soon.

    The book thong Karen made is gorgeous and Irish Garden is looking lovely.

  11. Julie, isn't that frustrating playing house sitter and not being able to stitch, I hope you got to read instead! What a lovely gift from Karen!

    That Irish Garden is going to be fantastic!!!

  12. Hope the building work is going well. Beautiful gift from Karen. IG is looking good. :0)


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