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Thursday, 1 April 2010

No fool like an old fool!

Thats what my dad used to say, as he was born on April Fools Day. Today he would have celebrated his 74th birthday, this is one of the last pictures i have of him in my garden.

This year i know he would have been smiling at me as i have been the biggest fool!!

My Ladys Quaker went with me to the stitchy club last night and i carried on with it when i got home (3 1/2 hours worth of stitching) but when i came to take an update picture this morning i realised its all got to be frogged out, the mistake is so obvious, a whole round inside the biggest motif on the design is not there so the inner part is all done in the wrong place. How could i have carried on for so long and not noticed... oh well ... we've all been there... guess what i'll be doing tonight LOL

I can show you an update of GM though, i love this piece and am finding it hard to put down and do other stuff, all 9 motifs have been added during March. This month i have 3 small birthday gifts to make as well as the monthly challenge and the xmas ornie so i dont think there will be so much progress in April. I also did a little on Irish Garden so my stitching goals for March did get done.

DH drew a winner for the pinkeep, congrats to MYLENE. Can you please let me have your address and i'll mail it out to you after the Easter holiday. Talking of Easter hols, i hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your families and the weather is kind to those who would like to be spending time in their gardens or visiting places of interest. We have no special plans for this weekend, getting up late and doing whatever we like for a few days sounds like a good plan to me!

Love and {hugs}


  1. Happy birthday to your dad...I'm sure you miss him so. What a fun day to have as a birthday!

    Sorry to hear about the frog...hopefully this is the last visit and he'll go to another pond.

    Hope you have a terrific Easter!

  2. Julie he looks a smiley sort of person, that is how I think of you too.
    Oh dear i feel for you having to frog all that,not a stitchy night tonight then.GM is stunning , everytime you post an update I think ,shall I!
    Oh well done to Mylene she could do with a little bit of a smile after losing Max.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  3. How annoying to have to frog all that work! Never mind at least GM is looking good.
    Happy Easter!

  4. so sorry about your dad. I am sure it is terribly hard. My dad just turned 74 a couple weeks ago. I don't see him often, but cannot imagine not seeing him.
    Hugs to you!
    congrats to Mylene. Hopefully this will boost her spirits.
    wishing you a blessed Easter

  5. Your dad looks like he must have been a very special man--how you must miss him!

    So sorry about the frog's visit--he sure has been making the rounds lately judging from what I've been reading on other blogs (he visited me on Monday!).

    Congratulations to Mylene :)

  6. I couldn't beleive when i saw my name..What a wonderful, wonderful surprise to win your lovely giveaway, especially at this very moment. Thank you so much, Julie.

    Happy Easter weekend to all!

  7. Congratulations to Mylene! Hope you have a lovely Easter Julie, good luck with all that frogging - isn't it the most annoying thing!

  8. Oh Julie, I know the frogs are very active at the moment (in more was than one lol) and they were visiting me last week too - but not quite as much as they have visited you. Hope things will improve and it all goes right this time.

  9. Your dad was very handsome. How you must miss him.
    3+ hours of frogging, oh no!!
    There's no way to fudge it, lol
    I know this is an April Fools joke right? I hope so.
    Congrats! to Mylene

  10. What a lovely picture of your Dad Julie {{{hugs}}}}

    Oh no not the frog! I do hope he's gone now. Your Marquoir is looking lovely.

    Congratulations to Mylene!

  11. I am trying again to coment, I sure hope it works now, lol
    Your dad is very handsome.
    3+ hours of frogging, I hope that's an april fools joke.
    Congrats to Mylene

  12. Lovely piccie of your dad Julie,in your lovely garden,he looks a very nice kind man

    GM is really pretty,have only done two squares myself

    Happy Easter
    Tina xx

  13. GM is looking fantastic. I'm so sorry to hear you had a serious case of the frogs!!!

  14. Hi Julie, i can't find your e-mail address to send my address info.
    Hope you are having a lovely evening.

  15. What a lovely pic of your Dad. He looks such a warm & lovely person - made me want to smile right back. :0)
    Congratulations to Mylene. :0)
    Sorry about the frogging - hope the darned frogs are long gone now.


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