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Monday, 5 April 2010

Be gone froggy!

I hope you all had a lovely easter weekend, it's been quiet here as DS has had a tummy bug and DD has been over to visit for some advice and quality family time. The weathers not been good so i've spent quite a bit of time with needle in hand doing one thing or another whilst DH has been watching motor racing with either car or bikes on the TV.

Exhibit A - all frogged out and re-stitched back in after i missed out the inner border row the first time i stitched it! It's a good job lugana fabric is so forgiving when you make a mistake. I also added a couple more of the little motifs. It seems to have grown really quickly now the big motif is in, there are only a couple more to add before the alphabet on the bottom.

Another birthday at the stitchy club this month so a bookmark and the traditional marmalade is all ready to be given away. We're not meeting for the club on Wednesday this week as the community centre is closed for the Easter hols so we're off to the local pub for a nice meal instead.

Monthly challenge is complete too and pic sent for the album. This one is also now wrapped up to give as a gift to a friend of DS who celebrates her birthday later this week, sorry but a no show till reveal on 25th of the month.

Having finished my Just Nan Ice Garden for the Just Nan SAL at Stitch & Stash, Dusty and i decided to exchange charts. She had just finished stitching Memories, and so beautifully stitched it was too. She had received my envelope and last week hers arrived here with me from over the pond. A wonderful surprise was inside with the chart, Dusty had stitched me this beautiful and delicate hardanger angel. It is so lovely, the back looks exactly the same as the front, i wish my hardanger work was as neat as this. Thank you so much Dusty she is beautiful and i will treasure her.

There is a Lindt easter bunny sitting on the sideboard tempting me, i've been so good and resisted him whilst i have been stitching this weekend, but i think the time has come to see if he tastes as good as he looks ...


  1. Lovely stitching Julie - I had a visit from the frog too, isn't it annoying! I love the bookmark you made, very pretty. Hope DS is soon feeling better and that DDs problems are resolved. Enjoy your Easter Bunny!!

  2. So sorry that the frogs have been to visit...hopefully they're gone now. Beautiful stitching!

  3. Lovely progress on your stitching. Glad the froggy has gone. Hope everyone is better soon.

  4. Pesky frogs! It looks fantastic and it really is growing fast!

    I would not be able to resist a Lindt bunny...

  5. Amy will be going in the Book tomorrow night, Bless her. Hope DS is recovering OK. (((((((((Hugs))))))))) all round for you all.
    Exhibit A is looking lovely. Very nice birthday gifts too. Hope you all had a lovely meal out. :0)
    Just love the Angel. Dusty's hardanger is beautiful isn't it? :0)

  6. After frogging :( and restitching, it looks great. I probably would have thrown it in the UFO, box, lol

  7. Lady Q is looking great,sorry to hear the frogs have been by.
    What a lovely Hardanger angel.

  8. Gorgoues stitching as always
    Hope you are well and enjoyed that bunnie
    hugs Shellie

  9. It sounds like you've busy stitching and finishing. The bookmark looks lovely and what a cute cute hardanger from Dusty.

    Hope your DS feels better soon.

  10. Great stitching Julie. Has Lindt bunny bitten the dust yet? It was, of course, your duty to eat him so you could get his little bell and bow for finishing an ornie

  11. Oh, that Lindt bunny wouldn't have lasted one minute in my house, Julie!!

    Your Quaker Lady is coming along beautifully. Glad the frog has moved on to a new pond...


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