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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Reveal day and really lovely day!

Yesterday we had a really lovely day out. DH took me to the East coast to the seaside for the day. The nearest beach is 100 miles away from my home. The weather was beautiful, the sun shone and it was quite warm We even had a paddle in the sea and a walk barefoot along the beach for a mile or two.
A very BIG little boy decided to wade in a bit too far and got his jeans soaked... boys will be boys LOL. Out at sea a wind farm has been put up, there are 53 windmills along this stretch of the beach. Some people are against them as they say they spoil the view, but i personally think they look really spectacular and i'm all for way that we can create energy. Would you be against a wind farm near you? Does it make a difference if its out at sea on inland? What are your views on wind farms?

The double knitted socks on 2 pins are finished, they knitted up so quickly and easily. They are nice and comfy to wear but i am still needing to try the 4 pin method.

I did actually buy a couple more balls of 4 ply wool in preparation for next winter as DH was so thrilled with the ones i knitted this year. I am determined to have a go with 4 pins before next winter so he can have warm and toasty feet again, i've got about 9 months to practice and get a pair knitted up for him LOL

Today is reveal for the monthly challenge at Stitch and Stash, this time we did 'Be True' from Plum Street Samplers. You can see the other finishes this month in the album here. According to the post counter, my last entry was number 500 on the blog. In celebration i've decided to give away my pinkeep version of the design to a blog reader. If you'd like to have it, please say so on your comment and i'll draw a winner later in the week.

Last night it was time to put the clocks forward an hour, losing an hours sleep is not the best news but lighter evenings will be very welcome, DH can spend more time in the garden tending his lovely plants, did you all remember to alter your clocks? Hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready to welcome in April and Easter later this week.


Christine said...

I live within a mile of a windfarm, (actually the first commercial windfarm in the UK) and I don't mind it at all, I think they are kind of beautiful.
Love your socks! Nice finish on the challenge too

Barb said...

Julie on the subject of windfarms hmmm I am a little on the fence here,I think they do have a kind of beauty to them and as long as they are far enough out to sea I do not have a problem. However on the other side of the fence (I have fallen off now) I don't think I would want one here (although there is talk) I suppose its the same old ,same old not in my backyard lol.
Love the socks and may I ask to be included in your draw as although I did the 'wall' one i loved your finish and it could sit on the drawers opposite the wall. See I even have a place for it!

jane said...

Like you I do noy have any objections to wind farms- near is we have them on the hills. They have a kind of beauty and I think they are symbolic of the need to conserve the planets resources.
Sounds like you had a lovely day, please include me in the draw.

Lesleyanne said...

I like the wind farm I find them very majestic. Lovely stitching and knitting. Please include me in your draw.

Hazel said...

Beautiful post and pics. I love your socks and your finish. x

Ranae said...

Lovely beach, lovely socks and lovely challenge, lucky you!
I think wind farms looks so cool. They look soothing to me, moving so slowly and it does help the earth. I have heard people say they are noisy, but I don't know that for a fact. I wouldn't mind one near me, better then a dump. I live very near to a airport, so there won't be any near me :(

Mylene said...

We do have windfarm but not near our area. Also quite near the beach so i've heard some people aren't happy with it.

Love the pinkeep you made for the monthly challenge and would like to join in the draw. Thanks.

Carol said...

I actually agree about the windmills, Julie--we have a windfarm about 2 hours from us and it just lovely to look at as we drive past. Cute socks and a lovely pinkeep.

I have won way too much on blog giveaways lately, so I will pass on your generous one so that someone else has a better chance :)

Sally said...

Looks like you had a lovely day out Julie. I wouldn't object to a wind farm at all. There is talk of there being one out in the North Sea near us.

Love you finish. It is beautiful. I won't enter though as I've been very lucky enough to win three giveaways of late. Love the socks too.

Shellie said...

We went to the east coast on friday night for a walk and paddle and there is a wind farm there too lol wonder if it was the same one I know there is one off Yarmouth we were at Frinton and could see the one off shore at Clacton I think they are great and wouldnt complain if i lived in view of one cos it would porbably mean i was by ther sea!!
We live only 45 mins drive away so its easy to do an evening trip.
Socks look great as does your finish
Hope you are keeping weel
Hugs Shellie

Shari said...

the socks are so pretty!!! And they look so warm!! We still need them here, especially in the mornings. By afternoon, it is pretty, but oh so cold in the am!
I love the pictures you took at the water front. So relaxing!!!
Your exchange piece is beautiful!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Rachael said...

I like the windfarms, but have one point to make they should be coloured not boring white LOL
Great socks and finish. Were his tootsies cold after the paddle?

Lori-Ann said...

Great work, Julie! LOVE those stripey socks :o)