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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Quaker update

A few stitches into something at last!

Last night was the stitchy club so i took My Ladys Quaker with me, i needed something easy as i knew we would be chatting about my venture last week and also getting updates on the lady who is sick. ABC and 2 other motifs acrosss the top were added. It felt good to have a needle in my hand again, amazing how much you miss your hobby when time restrictions and life get in the way.

Woke up to the sun shining today and it sure lifts the mood, Spring is on its way! This afternoon i'm off to my yoga class, i'm really looking forward to it having missed last week and the previous week as it was half term holiday for the schools.

Enjoy your day whatever plans you have


  1. lol loads to stitching, she looks great

  2. She is so sweet Julie ,I dont know how you can talk and stitch ,I can listen and stitch but not talk as well.
    Hope you are back to some sort of normality will be in touch soon.
    We have had sunshine every day this week so far yipee spring may finally be on its way.

  3. She is looking perfect Julie. Did you pick your own colours or are they as charted?

    We've also had sun evey day so far this week. Funny how at the beginning of the week it made me feel better but yesterday adn today- nope!

  4. She's looking lovely. I feel better now the sun is shinning and has been all week.

  5. Love that quaker lady... yes its good to get back to stitching I find it hard when we have visitors not to get it out as I stitch all through the evening, thats why I am always asking DH what happened in the TV programmes!
    Thank you for your kind comments about Mo, we are all still in shock in my Group.
    Hugs and Blessings
    Chris x

  6. Love your Quaker Lady progress...this one is on my list to stitch but I can't decide what colorway I want. Yours is very nice and spring-like! Enjoy yoga...I miss my yoga as well...

  7. She's looking good Julie. We've had sunshine here today too. Just as well as the school had run out of oil so there was no heating!

  8. The lady is looking great.
    Sunny and almost 40 degrees here, Yay!
    Have fun in Yoga class

  9. Lovely work, Julie!

    It feels like spring today here. Such a welcome burst of warm weather!

  10. Love how Quaker Lady is coming on Julie,you don't realise how much you miss stitching until something stops you from doing it

    Tina x

  11. she is looking lovely Julie!! So pretty!!! I too am interested in your color choices...are they the called for?? I got this pattern, but havent' even thought about beginning yet!

  12. Great progress on Quaker Lady. I wish there was a stitching club near where I live.

  13. I do love this piece - so pretty. Great progress. Hope the yoga went well. :0)

  14. QuaKer Lady is looking lovely.
    It's sunny here today but very cold wind!

  15. This looks very pretty so far Julie, but please can you tell me who the chart is by so I can take a quick peek at what it will look like when its done.


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