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Sunday, 28 February 2010

What a week!

Adventure over and DH and i are back home safely. It was a very long and exhausting week. We'd had terrible trouble finding a hotel as London Fashion Week began 19th Feb until 24th Feb and we ended up staying in a self catering apartment hotel here. It was only a 15 minute walk from the court which was great, but certain areas are in need of the refurbishment that is planned to start next month, saying that we did enjoy our stay and the staff were superb and helpful.

Needing a break from the proceedings each lunchtime we took the 5 minute walk from the court down to Victoria Embankment to sit and eat our sandwiches watching life on the River Thames (pic taken on my phone). A couple of days we were busy well into the night compiling reports on new things the other side had submitted at the last minute and the judge wanted our answers by the next day. My first time at High Court and yes it is just like on the TV with the QC's in their wigs and gowns etc. We still dont know the outcome of the case and if our side won as there was such a lot of stuff for the judge to review. DH did a wonderful job on his day in the witness box although there were times when i could have gladly throttled the QC who was doing the cross examination to him! The case was about a vintage vehicle that had been purchased but was found out after a while and some repairs not to be what it had been advertised and sold as, very technical and very complicated. DH compiled a report on the vehicle early last year for the owner but as the case progressed his evidence was very important.

I returned to find 2 lovely envelopes waiting for me. Karen sent me a lovely dangly for my phone using her handmade glass beads and Chris's envelope that we thought had been eaten by Royal Mail had arrived too, thank you both. I'd also like to say a big thank you to those of you who text me, and those who emailed to say you were thinking of us and hoping that things were going well.

We hadn't been home long when the doorbell rang and another friend arrived with a beautiful bunch of flowers to welcome us home and to say we had been missed. She is also a member at the stitchy club but came with sad news, the lady we have been worried about has been diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma which saddened me greatly.

A phone call later in the evening and some good news. My friend and neighbour has a wonderful new grand-daughter. Her son already has 2 boys so a little lady was very welcome. They were visiting granny this morning and i was invited over to give little Lottie a cuddle. She is so adorable but oh so tiny.

Lastly, i can now reveal the monthly challenge design and finish that i did. DS had bought his girlfriend these lovely notelets and pencil so i turned my stitched piece into a little pocket that they could be put into. Emma loved it and thought it was a wonderful and unique pressie for her and DS scored some brownie points for getting mum to make such a special gift for her.

I hope you all had a good week. Now i have caught up on some sleep and can see the bottom of the wash basket, i'll be able catch up with things on the PC over the next few days.

Love and {hugs}


  1. Oh Julie it is so good to have you back! What a shame about the hotel thing but sounds as if your positive thinking came to the fore. I bet P is glad it is over and now hopefully that will not be hanging over you anymore.
    LUV the black on red on your Valentine pocket good thinking on your part there.

  2. Oh my, the little notepad case is so adorable! Well done, Julie!

  3. Glad it all seemed to go well in London. Your challenge finish is lovely and so inventive

  4. Sounds like a very stressful time Julie. It's great to see you back and the challenge finish is lovely - a great idea!

  5. Good to have you back safe and sound in Blogland lol. Lovely finish and nice cards from stitchy friends. x

  6. It sounds as though everything went well in London - good thing too. You challenge piece is gorgeous.

  7. Lovely to see you back and what a welcome home, great gifts.

    Love the stitching - it's beautiful.

  8. Even though it wasn't exactly a fun trip, I envy you a stay in London. My favorite city.

  9. Julie, glad things are over for you. Court issues can be daunting and stressful. Hope the final decision is in your favor. The flowers are lovely. Makes me think of spring. Your little pocket for the challenge is great and I am sure DS girl friend loved it. What a novel idea. take care and have a great day!!

  10. You must be glad that is all over. The things we do for our children! My 14 year old has a girlfriend who told him she did not want a valentine's gift...I had to educate him a little and explain that if he did not get her anything he would not be popular. So then the dilemma of what to get! Nothing too serious (they are both 14) and nothing too mum had to go and pick a card and a little gift. Apparently my son has excellent taste in cards and gifts rofl ;-)

  11. So glad you returned home safely, Julie and that things (hopefully!) went well.

    Your red notepad case is just so sweet, I can see why she loved it--great idea :)

  12. So glad you are back home safe and sound Julie and that everything went OK.

    Love the notepad case. What a lovely idea:)

  13. So glad you're home safe & well. Hope there's no appeal so it's all over & done with (((((((((hugs))))))))).
    So sorry to hear about the lady at the stitchy club. I keep hoping & praying for a break through in research that will bring about cures for all cancers soon.
    Nothing can beat baby cuddles for putting a smile back on. :0)
    Lovely gifts & I love that sexy little Valentine pocket. LOL :0)

  14. Good to see you back and hope all goes well with the end results.

    Such a lovely finishing with the Valentine design.

  15. everything looks wonderful!!! The gift in the mail is great. And oh my!! The flowers are so pretty! So springy!!!!!!

  16. Wow you sure have been busy! Welcome back!

    Another pair of fantastic gifts!

  17. Great you survived the trip, London can be very busy, so well done just for that!And that DH did his part I expect you are more than happy that it is over.
    So relieved my little scissor fob arrived, I was just about to find a postman and accost him for non delivery. Sorry you had to pay the extra pennies My fault I didn't know they took thickness into consideration!
    Enjoy the rest of this week and relax and happy stitching

    Love and hugs
    Chris x

  18. What a trip!
    But probaby not all that fun sitting in court.
    Prayers and thoughts for your club friend the flowers are gorgeous.
    Your reveal is awesome.


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