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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Stitching and stressing!

I did take JN Ice Garden with me to the stitchy club where a couple of bands were added. I also continued with it and was adding beads whilst waiting for Clare to arrive for a visit on Thursday. She hadn't been here long when a snow storm arrived and it came down thick and fast, we had a lovely chat and she was only here just over an hour but her car was covered. I'm pleased to say she arrived home safely but we did have more snow on Friday and again woke up to quite a bit this morning.

There hasn't been any other stitching done at all, its been really busy here this weekend. DH and i are off on an adventure this week, not one we would have chosen though. Its a long time since i have been to our capital city of London but DH is an expert witness in a court case and he has to appear at the Royal Court of Justice. We're waiting for a call tomorrow to let us know what days he has to appear and how long we have to stay in the capital. The past few months have been quite stressful for him, roll on next week when its all over and we can all breath a sigh of relief, i just hope there isn't an appeal!

I haven't been on the computer all weekend, but will catch up with blog reading as soon as i can.


  1. Ice garden is stunning. Good luck to DH with the court case, it must be awfully stressful for him, and for you too

  2. Ice Garden is looking good Julie. Hope the case and your visit goes ok. The building itself looks very imposing. Take care you both .
    Hugs Barb

  3. Your JN is lovely and coming along nicely I must start mine!! Hope your DH won't be carried over to next week, but some has to be there 'honest and true!'
    Hugs and have happy stitching week.
    I am so disappointed my little pressie didn't arrive, I am trying not to think horrid thoughts about the postmen!
    Chris x

  4. Looking great Julie! Have a nice time in London. xx

  5. Ice Garden is looking gorgeous!

    Hope the court case goes OK Julie {{{{{hugs}}}} to you both.

  6. Oh, I hope this week goes well for your husband, Julie. It certainly will be a relief for both of you when he's all done with his testifying...

    Love your Ice Garden--it has so many pretty little details :)

  7. Ice garden is looking beautiful. Goodluck to your hubby with the court case, i hope all goes well.

  8. Ice Garden looks lovely. I hope the case involving your DH ends quickly and you can enjoy your time in London.

  9. IG is beautiful Julie. :0) Was thinking about you this week.


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