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Saturday, 13 March 2010

New Start

Grand Marquoir is on the frame!

I've sorted out quite a few different colours and tried various different layouts for which colour to put where, but keep changing my mind. I'm going to wait till each motif is stitched then choose what colour looks good next to it, i've wasted way too much time playing with threads and could have stitched another motif at least in that time.

Postie delivered a nice surprise today from Karan, it was a book by Jacky Newcomb 'The Angel Lady' called Angels Watching Over Me. Karan has read quite a few by this author and i commented that it sounded a good book. I was brought up to believe in the afterlife as my mum and dad were both active members in the local spiritualist church and we spent many Sundays there. I have been really interested in following Karan's alternative blog and the journey she is taking. Thank you Karan for your kindness, i'm going to enjoy reading about other peoples experiences in this book.

Tomorrow in the UK will be Mothering Sunday, i hope all you mums have a lovely day. My thoughts will be with those of you with angel mums and like me those who have angel children too.

x x x


  1. Lovely new start Julie - I like the colours you have chosen so far - look forward to seeing GM grow

  2. Hi Julie: I am a developling you know what lol..feel free to email me privately if you wish.

    I love the stitching and the colours. Looking forward to see it grow!

  3. great new start Julie - your book from Karan sounds very interesting, enjoy x x

  4. Julie,

    Your new start looks so Springlike. I love the little bird at the top of your blog.

  5. Great start Julie, looking forward to watching it grow

  6. Love the new start - going to enjoy watching it develop. Glad the book arrived safely, hope you find it interesting. :0)
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow (((((((((hugs))))))))).

  7. Nice start there Julie,Like the lilac but then that and pink are faves of mine.
    Enjoy the book from Karan, her alternative blog is very interesting I agree.
    HMD for tomorrow . xx

  8. Great start on GM Julie, I'm very interested in seeing your progress on this. Are you stitching it over one?

  9. Hope you're feeling much better now.

  10. That's a lovely new start, Julie.

  11. Love your new start Julie. I shall enjoy watching this one grow.

  12. Hi Julie. Please visit my blog, I have an award there waiting for you. :o)

  13. Lovely new start! Just a word about the socks - I would recommend a workshop as you really need to be "shown" unless you're a really good knitter in which case you can pick up free sock patterns from Regia. The one I used was from the workshop itself and used 5 needles but a lot of them from Regia just uses 4 so I have to figure that one out! If you can find a workshop then I'd go to it. The yarn given was a specially made double knitting yarn with alpaca and nylon and it is quite expensive to buy. I think Regia do a 6ply yarn but not seen it yet. Most yarns are 4ply and on different needles so the pattern would be different than the one I used in the workshop. Am I making any sense lol? x


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