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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Friendships can be formed anywhere...

When my youngest child went off to school 15 years ago i found the days at home really long so when the local school offered adult education classes i decided to go along and see what was on offer. I started with a GCSE in Child Development (being a mum and a school governor i thought that might be interesting). I enjoyed it so much that the next year i decided to go back again, this time i gained a qualification in psychology. On this course i met a very lovely lady who was looking for some added qualifications so she could have a career change, she was 15 years older than me but we hit it off really well. We also did sociology and media studies. We only meet a few times a year now, February for her birthday, July for mine and our special Christmas meal at the catering college and we try to pull in a lunch during the autumn months. Over the years i have stitched her some lovely things but this year i've knitted her these socks as a surprise, she always tells me she looks forward to seeing what i have created for her, i hope these fit and she is not disappointed that its not a stitched gift this year.

I went to my workbox to get Irish Garden out on Monday night, but instead look what threw itself at me! Band 5 of Ice Garden (JN SAL with my friends at Stitch & Stash) is now added and i have put it back into the box. Fabric for IG is now on the frame ready to make a start this afternoon. Tonight its the stitchy club, we'll be having cream cakes as one lady had a birthday when the snow was here and the club had to cancelled, yummy!!

Hope you are all having a good week, the weathermen are predicting snow for us later this afternoon (should i believe them?) Stay cosy and warm wherever you are.


  1. lovely sox and stitching hun
    Enjoy ur group tonight
    Hugs Shellie

  2. Gorgeous socks, Julie, I'm sure your friend will love them! Ice Garden's looking beautiful too.

  3. oh Julie, those socks are beautiful! I admire you being able to do that. I would love to be able to knit like that. I just can't do it!
    The stitching is gorgeous as well!

  4. Lovely socks. Your JN is coming along nicely.

  5. Those socks are lovely! You put me to shame with your JN! I am so far behind as usual. x

  6. Can I come to your stitchy club for a cream cake???
    Lovely socks I am just starting another pair this time with a contrast welt and heel and toe to use up the rest of my slef patterning yarn. I like the colour you've used for your friend.
    I have just ordered threads for my JN bought from Sandra.
    Happy knitting/ stitching
    Chris x

  7. Ice Garden is looking stunning. Great socks too

  8. Those socks looks lovely. I am sure your friend will love it.
    Ice Garden is looking beautiful.

  9. Ohh like the colour of the socks Julie,I am sure your friend will love them . It is so good to have special friends. You make everyone feel special too.
    Hope the snow stayed away, I have been computerless for 24 hours so have only just got on line.
    Ice Garden is growing nicely despite the cold lol.

  10. Lovely socks. How can they not be loved?
    I must be tired. When I looked at the post I could have sworn it said, Freinds, hips can be formed anywhere.
    Maybe my brain is reacting to the bacon sarnie I just ate lol

  11. Love those socks and the JN looks great!

  12. Funky socks!! I'm sure your friend will love them. Your JN is looking lovely.

  13. Oh my those are lovely socks! You friend should be very pleased.

    We are supposed to be getting snow again here too. I'm tired of winter!

  14. Another great pair of socks which I am sure will be treasured x x

  15. Love the socks, what a lovely surprise they'll be.
    Jn is coming along nicely, looking forward to seeing more!

  16. Beautiful socks, Julie! Although I don't knit, I truly admire those who do!

    And what a pretty new band on your JN--love watching your sampler grow :)

  17. Another fab pair of socks, such a lovely colour mix - am sure she'll be delighted with them. :0)
    Ice Garden is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing Irish Garden too. Hope you had a lovely time at the stitchy club. :0)

  18. I bet she'll love them,have a lovely time when you meet up!
    Lovely progress Julie
    I hope those cream cakes were lovely!!

  19. I love the Ice Garden pattern, I did it and adapted it to a birth sampler, by putting name, date on it. Don't like to do real baby samplers, because the kids don't like them hanging in their rooms when they get older.

    Good job so far.

    Joanie R.

  20. Julie,

    I hope your DH is feeling better.

    The socks you made for your friend are really lovely. That yarn contains all of my favorite colors. Lovely!


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