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Monday, 8 February 2010

Wanna see the new start?

Liz Turner Deihls 'Irish Garden' had its first stitch on Wednesday afternoon and i also took it with me to the stitchy club last week. Only a small amount of progress was made though as we did have cream cakes and there was lots of talking going on. Its hard to count stitches, eat cake, drink tea and chat... i know ladies can multi-task better than men but some things need a bit more attention and the cream cake and chat won on this occasion. The computer has been playing up and shutting down when you are in the middle of things, it does make me cross so i gave up and stitched instead end of last week. All the middle section border hedges are now added, time to add some colour into flower beds and of course the little black kittys that are hiding in them.

Don't come visiting us this week, DH has come down with the latest cough/cold virus thats going around. We had a bad night Saturday, asthma and these type of germs are not good together, so Sunday was spent not doing much at all. He settled down on the sofa under the fluffy blanket and i spent some with My Ladys Quaker. The 'mushroom with legs' as Sharon called it looks a lot better now.

As i sit here looking out of the window into the garden, the snow is falling again, its so pretty to see but i am glad to be this side of the glass and not outside in it. A trip to stock up on groceries this morning was enough for me. I think i better do a spot of blog reading as i am way behind with the computer acting up, i think i'll do that and leave DH snoozing under the blanket on the sofa for a while or should i be mean and go and poke him awake and ask if he wants a cup of tea .....


stitcheranon said...

Sorry to hear dh is ill..I have two with asthma and it is always a dont know which sypmtom to watch out for first lol.
Lovely stitching...and I think you have your priorities just right...cream cakes all the time lol

Lesleyanne said...

Beautiful stitching. I love quaker lady.

Rachael said...

I hope P recovers soon, nothing worse than a sick spouse, and don't be mean.LOL
Oh I think you had the right idea, as you wouldn't want to risk any of the cream cakes spilling on your fabric!!
My Lady's Quaker looks great, I have put off starting mine, will wait until I have another finish.
No snow here but it's cold enough!!!! Brrrrr

jane said...

My Lady's Quaker is looking great and I think I would choose cream cakes over stitching

Christine said...

Great stitching. Hope DH is feeling better soon

Clare - Aimetu said...

Oh looks great x x hope DH feels better soon :)

Karan said...

Hope your DH feels much better soon. Will add him to the Healing Book tomorrow night.
Sounds like a fun night at stitchy club. My Lady is looking extremely pretty. Looking forward to your next update on IG. :0)
Had some rice pudding snow earlier followed by rain. Not looking forward to more white stuff. :0(

Mylene said...

Great progress on Quaker Lady.

Hope you DH feels better very soon.

Ranae said...

Love the new start, I need something totally different like that.
Your lady's Quaker is so pretty.
Take good care of your hubby, and tell him not to spread those germs.
We are suppose to get 5"-12" of snow the next 24 hours, yay!!
I keep looking out my windows to see if it has started, lol
Stay warm!!

Barb said...

Hope you have been rubbing Ps chest Julie, and that he is feeling a little better today.Please dont poke him with the Stick as it is Tuesday Mr Stick may be needed later lol.
Love your Quaker girl so pretty,Nice new start.

Carol said...

Germs are running rampant in our home, too, Julie! I thought all of our snow would keep them at bay, but no such luck. And today we are due to get another 8-10 inches :( On top of the 22 we got on Saturday, I'm not sure we'll be able to leave our house! Then we're really stuck with the germs...

Love your Quaker lady--she is so lovely :)

Shellie said...

Fantastic new start and great progress on the lady mushroom.
Keep well and warm
Hugs Shellie xxx

Daffycat said...

I dunno, I kinda liked the mushroom!

I always dread the times DD comes down with a cold. Asthma sucks!

Hazel said...

Hmmm sounds similar to my woes. I have been struggling with illness and a dodgy comp too. It keeps freezing up every time i try to go on blogs. Great wips. Sounds like you had a great stitchy day. x

Sally said...

Hope your DH is feeling better soon Julie.

My Lady's Quaker is coming along beautifully and I love your new start is gorgeous.