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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Reveal, reveal, reveal

Today is reveal day for the challenge at Stitch & Stash. This one was carried over from December as only 1 lady had managed to find time to stitch it in December. It's a complimentary design from Blue Ribbon Designs called Red Birds for Peace. A lovely design that gives you the chance to try over 1 stitching for the birds if you haven't before. An ornament finish seemed perfect for this design.

Happy Birthday Stephie ~ A small gift for a friend who comes to chat and drink tea with me. This free design seemed appropriate for her gift. I made a pocketed hanging ornament so i could add some various individual tea bags to it.

I think it's an old design from The Sampler Girl, but unfortunately it doesn't say on my print out. Could someone please tell me if not and i will amend it.

I still haven't put a stitch into my new project, in fact i haven't put a stitch into anything this week. Good guesses as to what it might be but no one guessed right. As the title here says, reveal, reveal, reveal and i have only revealed two things, i'll tell you what it is going to be (when i get started on it!) It's by Liz Turner Deihl and is called Irish Garden. Has anyone stitched one of her designs before? The chart was a gift a couple of years ago and DH bought me the fabric and specialist thread pack as a gift the following Christmas. It's come to the top of the 'to do' pile as he keeps asking about it and also i wanted to try different things this year.

Postie brought me a very thoughtful and lovely gift this week. Thank you so much Karan for the book and lovely handmade card, i hope you had a nice few days with DSis

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, we woke to a sprinkling of snow but Mr Sunshine soon came out and its been a really nice day although very cold. February tomorrow, January seems to have flown by, although i must say it does seem a while since we were all saying Happy New Year, doesn't make sense though does it....


  1. Your reveal is gorgeous! Beatuifully stitched and finished. I haven't stitched any of LTD's stuff but its gorgeous!

  2. I have a few of these BRD ornies to do,if I can find the time. Lovely thoughtful gift for your friend.
    Look forward to seeing the 'new start'

  3. Both ornaments looks lovely. Can't wait to see the new project.

  4. Lovely ornaments Julie. I admit that I had to google Irish Garden, it's a cut design. Enjoy your new start

  5. Great ornaments. Its funny how we all ended up choosing the same one for the challenge

  6. I love your Red Birds ornament, Julie. I keep meaning to stitch it myself. Hopefully, I'll get to it this year...

    January did, indeed, fly by--I can't believe that February begins today. Stay warm and I'll look forward to seeing your new start :)

  7. Your red birds ornament is beautiful! As is the sweet ornie for your friend :)

  8. Both the finishes are fab, Julie, as always
    I am not familiar with that designer, can't wait to see it
    Your designs you chose are always lovely

  9. Wow Julie that will be one to watch. LOVE the ornies and what a dear little gift for your friend. I am sorely tempted by the TSG new one Tea with Jane Austen .Perhaps perhaps perhaps lol.
    Karan is another sweetie isnt she how thoughtful.

  10. beautiful projects as always!!!! keep up the great work!!

  11. Lovely work as always Julie xxxx Bet the recipient loved it
    Hugs and hope your are well
    Shellie xx

  12. Well done on the Red Bird BR challenge
    I just could not do that one over one but did the best I could.. I was using some very loose linen and it just looked rubbish!
    I have the fabric for the Grand Marquoir but am undecided onfloss I think I'd like a variegated red so might go for VC one.
    When are you thinking of starting?
    I will be ready more towards the end of Feb, would that suit you?

    Chris x


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