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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New start

The final birthday gift for this month is now finished but a no show till it's been received.

It did mean all my goals for January are completed so time for a new start. With fabric and threads finally chosen (Fabric - 28ct jubilee antique white, threads DMC 224, 315 and 3347, i decided to make all the greenery green!) Sunday afternoon My Ladys Quaker got its first stitch and a little more stitched last night. It's a lovely design to stitch and does seem to grow really quickly, i've put it away now till next week though.

I do have another new start ready to have its maiden stitch. This one i haven't mentioned before, its been in my stash for a very long time and keeps getting overlooked. Its by a designer i haven't stitched before and i haven't seen many stitched by her either. There are over 22 pages with the chart and instructions! Some of the stitches are new to me so a learning curve with this one. It's based on a garden theme and there are 5 in the series but i only have this one in my stash ... any ideas of the designer and what it might be?

Tonight is UFO night at Stitch & Stash so Mr Stick is on the prowl keeping the ladies in order and watching for their progress pics this week.

Happy Stitching


  1. Don't recognise that one, looks interesting though

  2. Lovely start. I can't wait to see it progress as I like this one.

  3. Oh My Lady looks great, I was looking at threads for this today, with you and Karen doing it, made me want to stitch it!!

  4. gorgeous Julie!!!!!! You have a mighty fine start on this! I love the colors you are using!

  5. Great progress on Quaker Lady! I have this one but don't know what colors I'd like to use. It sounds like your new, new start is a Chatelaine by Martina Weber. She has lots of garden theme patterns that are huge but gorgeous!

  6. Love the new start, I had been eyeing this design up.

  7. Gorgeous new start cant wait to see this one grow
    Hope you are keeping well
    Hugs Shellie

  8. Oh! what a nice start.
    Would the new start be Bright Needle, I am thinking of another one, but can't spit it out, lol
    I hope Mr.Stick doesn't bother you too much tonite

  9. Like the start Julie,oh you have us in suspenders with the new one. I haven't a clue who or what it could be! I am not here really I am a figment of your imagination ,I am really stitching Mr Stick lol. Well I have been!!!
    Hugs Barb

  10. Very nice start on the new project and can't wait to see another new one.

  11. Lovely start Julie - look forward to seeing more and to your new start - haven't a clue what it might be

  12. I had to look twice at your new start and of course its a skirt!
    I guess your garden one is a chatelaine one? I have Convent;s Herbal Garden so if you want a stitchy friend to stitch along with let me know., I have it all kitted up but think I migh trot along to Office World and have it copied up bigger as it is very snall!
    Happy Stiching
    Chris x

    I am raring to go to start my Grand Marquoir too! Not enough time!!

  13. oops sorry for all the typos,
    I think I should switch on a light to see what I am doing!! LOL

  14. oooh, Julie, I really like your new start. It's really pretty.

  15. ROFLOL Your new start makes MLQ look like a decorated mushroom...with feet!

    But aside from where you stopped, it looks great!

  16. Now that is a very pretty mix of colours. My Lady is going to be another gorgeous piece - looking forward to watching it grow. The other new WIP sounds intriguing. No ideas but am looking forward to seeing your first pic. :0)


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