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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Positive Thinking (long post!)

When i had my hospital appt just before Christmas, i read an article in the waiting room about the power of positive thinking. It said that if you lie in bed before you go to sleep and review your day and find at least one thing that was positive in your day you would get a good nights sleep and wake feeling more positive the next day, also it has an effect on your general health and well being. Over the holidays the article kept coming in my mind so i decided to give it a go Jan 1st and see if it really did make a difference to my thoughts and my life.

Seemed a good idea till Monday evening when i was on my way upstairs and the phone rang. My Aunt was calling to say that my uncle (who is also my godfather) had passed away 9.45 that evening. When i eventually got into bed i couldn't think of one positive thing that day.

Over the next couple of days i had some quiet time stitching, walked a bit even in the snow and bitter cold weather we were having, and the thoughts of Uncle Bill kept coming into my mind. The tissue box took a battering! But ... i also realised that there was something positive he had left me with. After 25 years suffering serious heart problems and the last 8 years he also had prostate cancer, he was in and out of hospital a lot but he didn't ever let these things take away his positive attitude and his beaming smile that were always there when i visited him both at home and in the hospital. His determination not to give in till he was ready and as he used to say 'there is nothing wrong with my mind, i was just given a body that wasn't up to the job, but i've made the best of it and lived a good life' and at 84 years old i think he deserves to be free from pain and suffering and rest in peace.

Thursday i woke up feeling much brighter (maybe positive thinking is working?). A few chores were done as i hadn't done anything all week and after digging out the car a visit to the supermarket to restock the cupboards - DH drove, no work this week due to the weather. Late afternoon i noticed when Midge came back in after playing out in the snow that he had a slight limp but thought maybe he had slipped on the ice and pulled something. Friday when we got up he couldn't put any weight on the leg. I had to be at the Dr's for an early checkup (DH dug out the car again and drove me) that went fine and we called the vet on our return. They wanted to see him immediately. She examined him and i heard the words "possible broken shoulder, x-ray, may loose a leg or could be fatal" we left him behind and headed home very subdued.

The vets is on a well gritted main road, but at the top there are traffic lights and we duly stopped at the head of the queue. All of a sudden the car lurched forward. An elderly gentleman behind in a brand new mercedes wasn't happy driving his own car and wanted to be sitting in the back of mine too!! DH got out and went to check on damage, the gentlemans response was "its new and automatic and it creeps forward on its own" DH not being in the best mood having left Midge behind muttered some words and i managed to hear his sarcastic comment of 'are mercedes making vehicles with no brake pedal or handbrake now then and i'll drive over the junction and we'll check damage then'. The traffic lights changed and we proceeded and stopped, the 'gentleman' never even stopped he put his foot down and drove off at speed.

On our return home DH investgated and there was only minor damage so that was lucky. Not long after the phone rang and the vet informed us that it wasn't a break, but he has been bitten a week or so ago she thinks in the arm pit by a fox or dog (teeth marks not close enough to be another cat) and he has an abcess inside the shoulder cavity. Sigh of relief and a couple of hours later he was back home recovering from the sedation with a bag full of antibiotics and painkillers and an appt to return Tuesday evening. He wanted to showing you his shaved paw what the naughty vet did.

DH and i were feeling somewhat stressed after our day and i needed to take a birthday gift to a friend. We'd had more snow so we decided to walk the mile or so to her house leaving midge with DS, it might clear our heads. I'd stitched her this fob, she's an avid Shaun fan. We helped deplete her biscuit mountain santa brought and enjoyed the cup of tea before wrapping up warm and heading home.

As i lay in bed last night and tried to think what positive thing had happend yesterday, 3 things came to mind.... Midge was back home safely, the little bump in the car could have been far worse and also the laughter and smiles we had with a friend yesterday afternoon positively lifted the mood for both DH and myself. SO.. does positive thinking work? i'm still undecided but think i'll keep giving it a go, i got up this morning with a smile on my face ready to face the day .... maybe it does after all.

p.s i'll show you the stitchy pics next time, this post is way too long now


  1. Oh Julie, what a difficult few days for you. Condolences on the loss of your uncle and I am glad that Midge is on the mend.


  2. When life gets a bit too much, I always remember that
    God never gives us more than we can bare. And that there is a reason for everything and somewhere in all the mess will be something good.

    Thinking of you- and Midge.

  3. :O(sorry to hear about your week

  4. Thoughts for your Uncle and a get well lick from Ruby (and a gentle cuddle from us).

    Positive thinking is a great tool,the hardest thing is to train your mind to the positive side and it sounds like you have is sussed. Take time to relax and breathe slow.

    Sending huge (((hugs)))- take care

  5. Julie , you keep thinking those positive thoughts ,poor Midge hope her wound will soon heal. Silly old duffer shouldnt have a car if he expects it to brake for him!!
    Oh now I lurve that Shaun the sheep, tell your friend that I introduced all my grandchildren to him , he really makes me smile .I did not mind your long post at all.
    Take it easy and mind yourself on all that snow.
    Hugs for you and all and furries too.

  6. Bless you, Julie - you truly are a very special lady. Hope there are many more positive things coming your way. Healing thoughts for Midge. (((((((((Hugs))))))))).
    And thank you for sharing this, as it has made me think & realise a few things. Will be taking a leaf out of your book with this. :0)

  7. sincere condolences Julie, I think your Uncle deserves to be free of pain now and you have lots of good memories. I'm pleased Midge is doing ok, hope that abscess heals up soon. If they can't drive they shouldn't be behind the wheel of car - whatever make! Maybe I need to look into positive thinking.

  8. Oh dear, you haven't had the best start to the year.
    Hope Midge gets better soon

  9. Positive vibes coming your way Julie. Thanks for sharing and give Midge a hug from us.

  10. I struggle with positive thoughts..I think it is just the way I am. I have been caught on the backside by life too many times to just relax and go with the flow. And yet, everytime I have been bitten by life, I have come through. So perhaps I should be more positive.
    I am sorry you had a dreadful week. Perhaps your little bump served to teach the old man to take a bit more care before he has a bigger accident, and your pussy will def. be a bit more careful around hungry foxes. I really really hope next week is better. Lovely Shaun the sheep. Very cute and one of my favourites!

  11. My deepest sympathy on the passing of your uncle. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Glad Midge is back home and nothing too serious.

    Shaun is really cute-he is one of my favs.


  12. A difficult week for you Julie. Not the best starts so here's hoping the rest of the year will make up for it. hugsxxxx

  13. Sounds like you've had quite a week! I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle's sincere sympathy. Glad to hear Midge is on the mend and thank goodness the car accident was minor.

    My goal is positive thinking this year too. I'm a little happier for it so far but sometimes it's hard!

  14. Sorry to hear about your Uncle (Hugs)
    Poor Midge,I hope he recovers soon, Please give him a gentle hug from me!
    Oh how rude of that 'gentleman' I wonder if he had something to hide that's why he scarpered.I'm glad you had a nice time with your friend, and keep up with the positive thoughts, I may give it a go as well!

  15. Bless your heart! Julie
    It can't hurt to keep plugging away on Postitve Thinking.
    They say everything bad happens in threes, so your all good now, right?!

  16. Sorry to hear about your Uncle, Julie. Sending good thoughts your way.(((hugs)))

  17. So sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle, Julie...

    Your little sheep fob is adorable--I'm sure he brought a smile to your friend :)

  18. Julie, I'm so sorry about your uncle. Sounds like he was a lovely man that touched your life.

    I'm glad Midge is ok too.

    I do believe positive thinking works - must remember to try it out, as I tend to let pessimism get to me far too often.


  19. What a difficult week you've had but I'm glad the positive thinking may be working. Thank you to your Uncle, I am going to try it also.
    Take care!!!

  20. Well done Julie, sad about your God father but I am sure there are lots of positive thoughts you remember about him and glad your Midge is ok.
    I am so excited about the Grand Marquoir, you're on for a SAL I would be delighted.. I have to buy the fabric and to decide on thread, so let me know when you're ready to start.
    Love and hugs and happy stitching
    Chris x

  21. I think all those positive thoughts helped me sleep last night and I woke up feeling a bit better although still coughing and spluttering a bit, thanks

  22. Julie, I'm sorry to hear about your Godfather.

    I'm glad you're starting to feel positive about things again, what a nice little fob.

  23. What an inspiring blog entry! I'm sorry for your loss, but admire the way you have seen the positive in this situation. Gentle hugs to Midge. I shall go to bed this evening thinking positive thoughts.

  24. {{{hugs}}} to you. Like the shaun the sheep fob, I think I might have to do one of those.

  25. Sorry to hear your sad news, losing someone close is always difficult. Glad Midge is on the mend - give him a cuddle from me :) I will be thinking "positive thoughts" tonight!


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