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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Spirit of Christmas in our neighbourhood

A busy week at our Community Centre this week.

Wednesday afternoon there will be a carol concert with children from two local schools singing for the senior citizens and tea/mince pies will be served and a free raffle ticket given to each of them. My stitchy club ladies have donated grocery goodies and i made up these 2 hampers today towards the raffle. Thursday evening is a Christmas Fayre. There will be rides for the kids, lots of other activities and Santa will be in attendance, also the local brass band will be playing Christmas carols. There will be another raffle and the horticultural committee have donated fresh fruit hampers for this. It's going to be a fun and exciting week.

Having stitched one of these bookmarks for a family member earlier this year i've been asked to stitch two so they can be given as Christmas presents, this is the first one. I'm quite organised with my preparations for the festive season so i didn't mind. Most of the pressies are wrapped, the cake is marzipaned and just needs to be iced although i still need to write some cards. A December birthday gift is finished (cant show that yet till its been received) and the second is stitched and just needs to be made up (i can show you this when its done as the receiver isnt a stitcher). I'm halfway through stitching an ornie for DD to put onto her new 6 foot tall Christmas tree - she was here today telling me that shes put it up, so i guess i better get off here and stitch faster so it can be on the tree for the maximum time this year LOL

The weather has been rain, rain, rain for the past few days and its getting to be a bit boring now, i know i am not keen on snow but i think i might like some of the cold and frosty mornings that come with a nice cold sunny day and can i put in a request now for my all time dream ..... to go to bed Christmas Eve with no snow but wake Christmas morning to even just a sprinkling of snowflakes or possibly a whiteout. I know what you're all saying.... grow up you big kid!!!


Christine said...

Sounds like you are well forward with your Christmas preparations. The stitched bookmark is lovely.
Have fun at your festive events.

jane said...

Lovely bookmark Julie - enjoy the pre Christmas festivities!

Hazel said...

Awww no don't you grow up!!!! I think I'm ready for a little bit of snow too although I have to be careful what I wish for here as we tend to get a fair bit being up in the high peaks! Love your post. Spirit of giving! That is what it is all about and it gives me such a warm, mushy feeling... can you tell I have had a christmas drink lol!

Rachael said...

I have to say I would love it to snow on Christmas day,it'd be the icing on the cake, I am looking forward to christmas this year,probably because i am all done,presents ,wrapping and decorations!!

Lovely bookmark Julie and have a lovely time at the Christmas fayre, I am going to a Carol concert on Monday night at the two youngest's school am looking forward to that as well.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow you are organized!

Lovely bookmark!

Barb said...

Hey Julie ,I havent grown up yet , I am growing out instead lol. The bookmark is lovely and it sounds as if the festivities have started in earnest. (whoever Earnest is).
Sorry I must have my silly head on must go change it. We both want winter like it used to be I think, and yes I agree a christmas with snow would be wonderful. Not much chance of that ,I think we will have to get to like the rain rain and more rain.Hugs

Mylene said...

That's a beautiful bookmark, Julie!

Karan said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy this week - hope you had a great time. I do love hearing carols played by a brass band - wish the Salvation Army came round the streets, like they used to when I was little. :0)
Very pretty bookmark - lucky Lesley. You are so organised.... do youfancy sorting my stuff out when you've done? LOL ;0)