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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

It's December ...

Sunday was reveal day for the monthly challenge at Stitch and Stash.

This time it was Elizabeth Designs freebie 'Peace', not so many in the album this time for you to look at.

I thought this was going to turn out a lot better than it did, not sure i am very pleased with it but it will be nice to burn the woodland fruits scented candle over the holiday season and maybe i'll be able to use the design and make something else when i have more inspiration.

Knitting needles have been busy again making these socks for my SIL's Christmas pressie. I really like these ones myself, such a nice colour combination.

First day of December sure has let us know winter is approaching fast. We woke up today to a real hard frost. I lay in bed and could hear my neighbours scraping car windscreens before they could leave for work. I did give a thought to them standing out in the cold, but only for a minute before i pulled the duvet over my shoulders and settled down for an extra hour before DH brought me my morning cuppa LOL

I have updated the sidebar with things that need doing in December, not a lot this time with all the Christmas preparations to do. Although, there are a few Birthdays coming up in early January that i need to get organised for too. I hope you're all warm and cosy (i hear on the news 200 miles north of here had snowflakes this morning!) and getting organised with your Christmas preparations


  1. Love those socks Julie and I like your challenge piece too - wish I had seen this on eas I might have joined in. I'm not getting a lot of time to spend on the board lately. It's pretty cold here too and I don't like it!

  2. what a cute idea for a small finish! I love it! I bet it looks real pretty with the candle lit behind it too. I am always looking for new ways to show off my stitching!! Great job!
    Love the socks you made too. They look so cozy warm!!!!
    We are suppose to get hit with winter weather later this week. I will take what we have today! It is nearly 50 degrees, which is WONDERFUL for Dec. 1st!

  3. Oh busy busy busy Julie, love the candle warmer! and those SOCKS OOHH SCRUMMY.
    It is brrrr here too and more ice scraping going on down here.

  4. Cute finish, and great socks!!
    Yes we had frost I had to take DH to work at 6:30 this morning *yawn* and I made him de-ice the car

  5. Those are some wild colors Julie.
    I like your little candle holder.

  6. Those sox look lovely and cosy and the candle holder is lovely
    Great work as usual hun
    #Hope you are well
    Hugs Shellie xxxx

  7. December... where's the snow??!! lol
    The candle holder is a creative idea, I like it.
    My crochet hook has been busy. I live through your knitting, you knit some beautiful colorful things.

  8. Cute finish for the monthly challenge.
    Lovely socks for your SIL.

  9. Those have GOT to be the coolest socks ever!! Well done!
    Thanks for your show of support on my blog. Really helps :o)

  10. Your socks are darling, Julie--love the bright colors in them.

    And those little pinecone people in the postcard at the top of your blog are a hoot--I love them so much, I even made my husband come to the computer to look at them :)

  11. You did a lovely job with your challenge piece.

    Oh Julie those socks are funky cool!

  12. Very pretty Challenge piece - it is lovely. The funky socks look great too. Good Luck with the December makes - am sure you'll get those done, no problem. :0)


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