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Sunday, 13 December 2009

3 little finishes

My mum arrived today to spend the day with us and we exchanged Christmas gifts as we wont see her again till after the holidays.

She was really pleased with both of the bookmarks i had stitched, here's the second one all completed but only just in time. I hope the ladies who receive them get plenty of use out of them, i did wonder what type of book they might end up in though ... its strange the things that go through your mind when you are stitching something for someone else.

DD was also here today and i was able to give her the ornie for her tree, i finally made it up this morning after putting the roast into the oven and preparing the veggies.

I decided to stitch Herald Angels by Prairie Schooler from JCS ornament issue 2003 as i felt it would compliment her other ornaments on the tree as she has some nice black and gold creations that she bought this year. She loves it and made a request for 'one every year please mum' to build up a nice collection for her tree, i'm sure i can accomodate that request LOL

Sally had a birthday yesterday and knowing her love of Just Nan, i decided on a floss bobbin holder using the ornamental letters chart. I hope you had a lovely birthday Sally and were thoroughly spoilt by your family and friends.

I hope you all had a good weekend too.


  1. Love the gifts you made esp that Prarie Schooler. Great that your dd wants more lol. xx

  2. Beautiful finishes: lovely lovely lovely.
    That knitting pattern you sent me has turned up! One of the ladies at the knitting club took it home by mistake but forgot to bring it back today...still, looking for it meant at least I got to hoover under the sofas lol

  3. Hi Julie,

    Your ornament your dd is really beautiful.

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  4. Beautiful stitching gifts made, Julie.

  5. Wow Julie, you've made some fantastic gifts!

  6. Great finishes! Love the bookmark.

  7. Julie your gifts are lovely, but I have to say I too LOVE that angel one -want it, want it . lol.Did you use the colours exactly as chart? As for VC threads you did say you hoped you hadnt started something -so sorry still holding you responsible lol.I love them.Hugsxx

  8. They are super gifts Julie.
    I bet Amy will have a real treasure trove of a tree in a couple of years

  9. All three of your latest creations are wonderful, Julie--lucky recipients! How nice it must be to have a daughter who appreciates your ornaments enough to request one each year--that is so sweet :)

  10. gorgeous work as always hun
    Happy Christmasto you and yours in case i donty get on again b4 lol
    Hugs Shellie xxx

  11. Just lovely stitching, Julie! You should make DD learn to stitch so she can help!

  12. Beautiful stitching! I've just stitched a similar Prairie Schooler ornie(from Starry Night chart) and they look amazing in real life, the pictures just don't do them justice.

  13. Pretty bookmarks - am sure they will be appreciated & much used. You already know I love the Angel ornie. :0)
    Very pretty gift for Sally. :0)

  14. Love your work - you are so clever JUlie :)

  15. Three lovely little finishes there

  16. I love my floss bobbi holder Julie. Absolutely perfect for me and I love the smell as lavender is my fave. I've been putting threads on the bobbins today in readiness for my next needleroll :)

    Love the ornie you stitched for Amy. I think it's lovely she's requested one every year too :)

    Lovely bookmark too.


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