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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Reveal Day

Remember the Christmas ornament exchange that was posted out at the end November, well now is reveal day.

I chose to stitch Colonial Christmas Ornament by Cherished Stitches for my partner Christine. It nearly didn't get in the post as DH was so impressed with it he wanted me to stitch something else for the exchange and put this one on our tree. As i keep telling him, we cant possibly keep every one i stitch although i have to say even though it was a bit fiddly to stitch together i really did like it myself and was pleased with how it turned out.

Christine sent to me and the stitches in this one are so teeny tiny and perfect. Thank you so much Christine, i love it and it is now hanging in my tree ... yes i finally put it up at the weekend. The card is a photograph Christmas card, the picture taken by her husband.


  1. Oh Julie that is just abs-o-lut-ly fab-u-lous darling! No wonder Christine was delighted, I think that would be beyond me its so intricate.
    Love Christines to you too and those pics her hubby takes are stunning arent they . I will post mine on my blog at the weekend,but expect you will see it on the JA pics before. hugs

  2. Both ornaments are lovely. I wish I could take such gorgeous photographs.

  3. You should be proud of the ornie - it's gorgeous! Well done for tackling such an intricate finish. :0)
    Love the ornie from Christine too - beautiful piece. Her DH's pics are wonderful. Lucky you. :0)

  4. Great job on the ornament, Julie. Looks gorgeous! Christine's ornament is sooooo cute.

  5. Wow--what an amazing finish, Julie--I can see why your husband wanted to keep it for yourselves!

  6. Oooo, the ornament is GORGEOUS! I can see why DH wanted to keep it. Maybe you can stitch another one for him next year.

  7. I like Cherished Stitches.I agree your ornament is a keeper.

    I love the reindeer ornament too.

  8. Oh they are both lovely. Well done to you and Christine

  9. Both ornaments are absolutely gorgeous. I do love the one you stitched and think I might have to have a go at that one myself next year.

  10. Both ornaments are gorgeous! The one you stitched especially so. I don't know that I could have given it up.


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