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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Third of the journey...

Yes, thats how far Lady Scarlets Journey has travelled. I spent quite a bit of time today on this, tried to get on the computer but MSN wasn't working here and i couldn't get online to chat and play. Naughty words and stress levels rising i thought it best to sit quietly and concentrate on something else and this flew out the basket. Nice calming deep breaths and a few hours later and i am ready to start Part II next time. The first WIP pic of this has inspired the ladies at 'Stitch & Stash' to have a Just Nan SAL which will start in January and of course i'll be joining, i just need to decide what to do and make sure i have all the supplies needed.

DH is looking forward to next weeks 'Strictly knitting' session so this lonesome sock can be introduced to its partner, he really loves the colour and randomness of this wool, in fact he likes it better than the stripey ones!! This time i chose to do a double rib top and have made it a couple of inches longer in the leg for him.

Thanks for all your good wishes about my health, something not nice was happening and i needed a check-up, seems it might be the usual MS issues and i have a review again in December.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you all had a great weekend whatever you did


  1. both are beautiful!!! I am seeing more & more people doing socks & I would sure love to learn how!!!!

  2. Wow, that is very the socks. I am perservering but 4 ply takes a long time doesnt it!

  3. I had the same problem with AT&T this week. But, I think my problem has been resolved. The tech brought a new modem.

    You were productive while you waited --- I scrubbed bathrooms! Not near as much fun as stitching. LOL

    Your project is beautiful.

  4. Progress is looking beautiful on your Just Nan project.

  5. i really want to learn how to knit!! lovely projects!

  6. Lady Scarlett looks great. I think I might have it in my Stash somewhere, I'll have to hunt it out

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  8. There are days I wish my computer couldn't get online so I'd be forced to stitch. I find somedays its hard to get away from the mindless clickign on the computer.

    Your Just Nan looks lovely and I'm sure your hubby is tried of having one cold foot! Finish that pair of socks girl!

  9. Now those bluebirds look familiar! Lady Scarlet looks lovely and it's great your DH likes his socks so much - really makes it worth while!

  10. Gorgeous stitching!! Love it and what beautiful progress. I am sure hubby will love his new pair of sock, the one looks wonderful and so comfy!

  11. Beautiful stitching...that is such a darling sampler!

    Love, love, love the Halloween colored sock!

    Feel better, Julie, you take care of yourself, hun!

  12. Hey Julie

    Love the sock I too am knitting like mad inbetween stitching, love the pretty sampler, nice colour choice was it your own?
    I lost a pound! Wished it was 2 or 3 but 1 is good!
    Hugs and Blessings

    Hope you're feeling 100 percent soon, can't find the percent key on this Vista!!
    Chris x

  13. Hi Julie!!!

    I haven't been around in a while but have enjoyed seeing your lovelycreations. You are very talented! I really must learn how to knit socks. They are really cool. I love the colours you pick too!!

  14. Lady Scarlett is coming along very nicely Julie. I think this has got to be my fave JN piece. It's such a nice piece to stitch.

    Very nice sock too:) Looks lovely and warm:)

    Hope you're doing better now. {{{{hugs}}}}

  15. Amazing how much else gets done when the 'puter isn't working, isn't it? LOL LS is looking gorgeous! Love that sock too. :0)
    Hope the review goes OK (((((((((hugs))))))))).


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