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Friday, 31 July 2009

Postcard from Wanda Witch Wabbit

I received a lovely postcard today from Wanda, she's on her hols with Karan. It says ... Dear Julie, having a nice time with Karan, she's taken some pics of us on our outings. We visited some stone circle places but i think she blames me for the rain as she keeps asking if i've been doing a rain dance. Its not stopping her going out so i will ask her to post this card for me. Lots of love, Wanda x

Those little bunnys do have some adventures don't they LOL


  1. How lovely! I wonder if you'll get anymore...

  2. Wabbits do have a habit of breeding I'm sure there'll be more postcards! Keep up the rain dance Wanda the garden needs the rain. Even though we have had rain the pots are sooooo dry and I have to water every day! LOL

  3. Reckon she'd definitely been rain dancing - it even followed us home! LOL Will post a couple of pics soon. :0)


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