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Thursday, 25 June 2009

The sun has got his hat on....

A super week weatherwise for Wimbledon, i bet there are lots of stitchers out there who are making great progress on projects whilst watching.

What does a cat do when it's too hot?? here is what Mr Moe was up to today. Just to the right of him is the door out of the conservatory and there was a slight breeze blowing on his face and yes thats my floorstand he's hugging LOL
What does a stitcher do when its hot? not stitch, she reads a book in the shade with a cool drink enjoying the peace. I stayed there till i finished the book!

DH has had a rotten week, who wants to be at work in this sweltering heat. Today he was exhausted but we really needed to water at the allotment so we went after we'd eaten this evening. YAY for phones with cameras in (and operators who now know how to work them) here's some veggies just after we picked them tonight. The bald grass is not our bad gardening skills, its where we all park our cars. Next week the Parish Council do their annual inspection when the plots are in full use and there are prizes awarded for the best kept plot, i bet DH will be up there this weekend making sure there isn't a weed to be seen LOL

I can report that a motif has been added to Beatrix, i took it with me to the stitchy club last night and did quite a bit. I've decided to carry on with it over the weekend and see if i can achieve another motif before the end of the month. I think there are about 15 motifs left to stitch, but some are quite big.

Hope you are all having a lovely week


  1. Mr. Moe looks so at ease!! My two kitties have been laying in front of the AC all day!! Almost 100 and climbing. My roses don;t like the heat but the tomatoe plants are in heaven!!

  2. Ah, to live the life of a cat! Mr Moe looks happy despite the heat.

    Today it reached 104 degrees F where I live. Saturday it's forcast at 106. I love air conditioning!

  3. It must be tough being a cat!
    Your veggies look delicious

  4. Mr Moe looks really at home. We had a visitor early this morning, a daft cat that jumps up at the kitchen door and hangs on to the handle to try and open it - unfortunately - for him/her it's locked. He/she had had a good mooch round earlier after sitting on the kitchen window when I was tidying up. She must have liked my kitchen so much she wanted to come back!

  5. Mr Moe looks really comfortable there!

    Don't know about you but it's been too hot for me these past few days. It's really overcast today but still feels muggy.

  6. LOL, Mr Moe looks soooo comfortable, looking at him makes me want to lie down and take a little nap! We have some much needed rain here today, but the temperatures are still high unfortunately.

  7. Mr Moe looks seriously chilled out there. LOL Sounds like you were fairly chilled too. :0)
    Poor DH - hope he's OK now. Tasty looking veggie haul - will keep my fingers crossed your patch wins. Look forward to seeing a BP update. :0)

  8. I took one look at Mr. Moe and said, "How'd she get a picture of Piggy?" My sisters came in from the other room and we all marveled at how closely Mr. Moe looks just like our dainty Miss Piggy. He also looks extremely comfortable. lol

    We've got 99 right now according to, but the bank thermometer says 101. At least it's down from yesterday.

  9. Wow, those vegetables look wonderful.

    I hope your weather will cool down soon.

  10. Ahhh! all stretched out looks comfy.
    I would never win a prize for best kept plot, lol. Good Luck! and stay cool!

  11. Oh it is sooo hot isn't it? Mr Moe looks such a cutie. xx

  12. LOL when its hot out I turn on the air conditioning and stitch!

  13. I just love to see cats sleeping and stretching! Mr Moe looks quite comfy!

    Cindy Mae
    My store opens July 1st!!


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