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Monday, 22 June 2009

How was your weekend?

Fathers Day here was not quite as expected.

DH had some lovely pressies and cards then spent a nice quiet morning gardening. He then sat down nice and relaxed to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix live from Silverstone. Not long into the race we had a telephone call that DS had been involved in a road accident and could he go and help get the car out of the ditch and tow him home (he has all the kit in his van as both DH & DS are mechanics). Seems there was a blowout of the tyre and the car veered off the road. DS wasn't badly injured, very shocked and his chest took the brunt of it from the seatbelt. The car, however, didn't fair so well and needs a new bonnet/wing/headlamp. I cooked a roast beef dinner and DD arrived after she finished work so all was not lost as Dad did get some quality time with his family after all.

I lit my candle for my dad and my FIL as they are both angel dads and played both of their favourite songs and shed a tear or two, the candle i left burning for the whole of the day in the grate of the fire and blew it out as i went to bed. Much love to all those who have angel dads too and those who were not able to be with their own Fathers on this specical day.

Now to some stitching...Part 1 of the Hardanger SAL was stitched, and i made up a birthday gift - no reveal till its received though. Some progress on Dolly Mamas but had to hide it quick when DD came yesterday but Beatrix still hasn't seen daylight in June, i have to knuckle down and make progress, the end of the month is coming ever closer and i need to post a pic of this months progress LOL

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  1. Oh, what a horrible phone call to receive! I'm so glad your son wasn't badly injured. Lovely work on your Hardanger SAL

  2. Julie,

    I'm so glad to read that your son was not injured badly in his accident.

    That was a lovely way to remember your father and fil. I thought about my dad quite a bit yesterday.

  3. Glad DS isn't badly hurt. Your hardanger SAL is looking lovely

  4. Glad he wasn't badly injured, Glad your DH managed to enjoy some of the day with you all.
    Lovely way to remember both Angel dads!

    Oh lovely progress on the hardanger sal, oh don't mention BP haven't touched it in ages nor done any of my other monthly challenges yet, Maybe get the chance when DH goes

  5. I am glad your son was OK. Blimey, we never stop worrying no matter how old they get, do we!

  6. Phew glad to hear DS is ok, that must have been a nasty surprise.

    Your stitching looks great, well done.

  7. Glad to hear that DS wasn't badly injured - it must have been quite a shock though. Your SAL looks lovely.

  8. I'm so glad your DS wasn't badly hurt Julie. You must have been so worried. {{{hugs}}}

    Your SAL piece is looking so pretty. Your braver than me with hardanger:)

  9. Sorry to hear about DS's accident, glad he was ok.

  10. I'm glad to her your son is okay.

    Your hardanger piece is lovely!

  11. Hi Julie,

    Glad your DS wasn't too badly hurt altho' if he is anything like my sons he would have been upset about his car!
    Lovely flower show I do like pelagoniums because they will survive even if you forget to water them!! Beautiful colours at the show..and what a lovely sentiment to light a candle for your own Dad and a lovely way to think of him..... your Angel Dad

    Chris x

  12. Glad everything was okay after the wreck. Scary.

    My Dad is an angel and not a day goes by that I don't think about him.

  13. I'm sorry to hear about your son's accident, and so glad that he wasn't too badly hurt. The hardanger SAL looks lovely.

  14. Glad your DS is OK! Seems to be the time of year for car problems - my DH broke down on the ring road beside Borders yesterday!

    Hardanger SAL looks lovely too!

  15. So glad to hear your son is fine.
    Hardanger update looks lovely.

  16. Sorry Julie, hadn't read this when I replied to your email. Why is it bad things always seem to happen when we feel least able to cope? Extra (((((((((hugs))))))))) - have had that call too & it's not nice at all. Hope DS feels better soon & he can find replacement parts in the local scrapyard. And sending more (((((((((hugs))))))))) just because. :0)

  17. Glad your DS is ok and hubby got some nice family time in!

    Hardanger is beautiful, but it scares me............

  18. I am so far behind on my readings. So glad that your DS is ok and not hurt to badly. It sounds like the seat belt might have been a very good things in this case for sure!


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