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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Saturday afternoon

The 1st Annual National Pelagonium and Geranium Show held its very first show close to where i live this year. Growers came from all over the UK to exhibit. As DH collects these and has quite a few different ones in the greenhouse he was keen to go and see what experts can grow and get some tips. The one with the rosette (left) was the Best in Show. We had a lovely time viewing them all and seeing the enormous collection of trophies that had been awarded and of course we came home with two new ones that he just couldn't resist.

Marian has asked if i have taken any pics of my fluffy boys recently. Unfortunately, they seem to be off playing where i cant see them or are just not doing anything exciting. Today though, DH went for a sit down outside with his cuppa in his deckchair next to the greenhouse, but as you see someone else got there first and had no intention of giving up his nice comfy spot. Midge on the other hand has spent most of the day upstairs keeping nice and snuggly with DS. I think they both arrived home together just before dawn, and i wasn't going in there for a pic, the snoring coming from in there didn't sound friendly LOL

Next time i'll show you a pic of the hardanger SAL as i've almost completed Part 1

Enjoy your weekend whatever your plans


  1. Oooh that looks like a cozy kitty spot!

  2. beautiful flowers!!! I love seeing all sorts of flower displays. So pretty!!!

  3. Like a king on a throne.I'm missing having a little friend around. Maybe when we get the hole in the ceiling fixed and there's not so much stuff lying around.......

    The hydrangea looks like it's going to be a beauty.

  4. Great photo of Mr Moe very nice flower pics

  5. The geraniums are gorgeous. Your cat looks as if he is saying "back of mate, I got here first"

  6. The flower show looks grerat, aws for that kitty lol blessss your DH will have to get another deckchair lol
    Hugs Shellie

  7. I enjoyed the flower pics. Geraniums are one of my favorites. Mr. Moe has that don't disturb me look. lol

  8. Love the flowers! Kitty looks nice and relaxed!

  9. Beautiful flowers & I love the BIS one - stunning! Cats always know the best seat. :0)

  10. Such beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing the pics.


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