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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Finish & new start

Fruit & Veg Sampler finish...
Yesterday i put the final stitch into the sampler for the winner of the Best in Show category in our local horticultural and craft show. The design i made up myself from different charts i have in my stash. We just need to find a frame and put it away safely till September 5th. I hope you dont mind but i decided to cover up the name of the village. A thumbs up from the ladies at the stitching club last night.

New start...
A lovely bright design, Dolly Mamas Domestically Challenged. DD has a birthday in August and as she has recently moved into her first home and is finding all the chores and working full time cutting into her quality time, i thought this was a real fun project for her. She has a great sense of humour, its sure to cause a giggle on her birthday. You can see the finished design here, its number 30 if you scroll down. They are all such fun designs, you either love them or hate them. I wonder which one will be your favourite? I also have number 17 in my stash, that was a pressie from a friend LOL

Beatrix Potter SAL still needs to come out the bag this month and i also need to make a start on the hardanger SAL Christmas Wishes, plenty of time yet though, but will i be able to take a break from the bright and colourful new start LOL

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  1. Oh how fun that chart is for DD!!! I have a few of the DM and I for one think they are very cute!!

    Great finish for the upcoming winner!!! What a wonderful gift!!! Have you thought of just giving the winner a Blue Ribbon and keeping the design for yourself!! LOL LOL LOL


  2. What a fantastic finish Julie - you've worked so hard on it - a prize to treasure :)

  3. your finish is beautiful!! I hope it gets best of show! It deserves it!!!

  4. lovely finish , I am sure the winner will love it

  5. Everything is looking great. You do such beautiful work.

    Any new photos of the young lads?

  6. Great job on your Best in Show piece! I bet the winner will love it!

  7. What a lovely finish! Happy dances for you and no doubt for whoever wins that pretty piece as well.

  8. The sampler is gorgeous Im sure the winner will be thrilled to be awarded it. Great new start too must check out that site later
    happy stitching
    shellie xxx

  9. Ive just looked I want number 6 pmsl

  10. Great finish on the best in show sampler!
    Those Dolly Mamas are fun, I think I like the Creative Mood one best

  11. Lovely stitching and a wonderful prize.. I looked up the piece for your DD and it is wonderful I think just the thing for a daughter setting off in the challenge of house and work!!

    Chris x

  12. Lovely finish - lucky winner to receive it.

  13. Those DM charts are such fun. I bet Amy will love it!

    Love your finish for the show winner. Whoever wins it is going to be very lucky.

  14. I'm sure your DD will love it lol

    I've got 17 too and also 35, I love 'em lol

  15. Best in Show looks fantastic! What a great prize to win! Great new start!

  16. lovely finish!! and your new start..cute!

  17. That'll be one extra lucky winner Julie - love how this turned out. Fun piece for DD - think No17 would be right for me. ROFL :0)

  18. A beautiful finish, Julie. Sure the winner is very lucky.


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