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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Stitcherific Weekend

The men in this house have been busy this weekend, they went off to the Rolls Royce show. I decided this year to stay home and persue my hobby :-) I finished stitching 'Home is' and also made up the monthly challenge, no pic of that though till reveal day as usual. I can tell you the design is Flowers of Olde by With my Needle and can be found here just scroll down to find it together with a couple of others.

I also started and finished this little one. A birthday coming up for DD's partner early next month and he is in the process of restoring his beloved classic old mini (with a lot of expert advice/help from DH!), so when i was asked if i would like this chart at the stitching club i decided it would be perfect for his birthday card. A visit to the post office a couple of weeks ago for postage stamps and this time they had the mini on them ... mind whirring, a plan was forming and i came up with a better idea. I've stitched the mini in the same blue as his beloved car 'called Gizmo' 1x1 on 28ct so it fitted into a keyring and then put the first class stamp inside so it shows on the back. I hope you like it David.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too


  1. Love the "mini" keyring idea, sure he'll love it.

  2. Wonderful finish, Julie!

    I love minis and wish I could have one. The little gift for David will be treasured!

  3. Great keyrings!!!! I find it so nice to stay home ny myself and just relax and enjoy the quiet time. I used to clean the whole house and prep for dinner when DH and the kids left for the day but I have sinced learn to relish the time with doing nothing but relaxing things. I just ask DH to pick up dinner on the way home and the house will get cleaned later!! LOL


  4. The finishes are superb, Julie
    as always

  5. Wonderful finish Julie, and I love the mini keyring! I drive a Mini Cooper, although it's not a "real" one as my DH keeps telling me, it's the BMW version, best car I ever owned. I'm sure David will love his gift

  6. Fantastic stitching as ever.My family are min mad too though now they starting families etc its had to go on hold.
    Love what you have done
    Happy stitching Shellie

  7. The Mini keyring is great!
    I'd love to have the new Mini Cooper RS. In red of course. :)

  8. Sounds like you've had a great stitching weekend with lots to show for it. DD's boyfriend is sure to love his keyring.

  9. Home is looks great!!
    What a fabulous idea for David,I bet he loved it!

  10. Great finishes Julie! I love being home in the quiet so I get to just relax and be me.

    I actually stitched this weekend too! No finishes though, just the stitching.

    It felt good.

  11. Hi Julie,

    What a lovely idea I am sure he'll love it and a bird up your chimney!! Had that once and I thought I'd never recover from the flying around and flicking soot every where! Agh it is something I hope I never have again!!
    Chris x
    Nice to have a relaxing weekend I did too, and stitched to my hearts content, lovely DH cooked dinner!

  12. Funky little keyring! Great idea to put the stamp in to, he'll love it

  13. Ooo where did you get the mini chart from if you dont mind me asking. We have a classic of my boys life lol.
    It looks fantastic. I am sure it will be loved.
    Great finish!

  14. What a great idea for the keyrings! My son would love one with his 'green tractor'! DH worked for the 'yellow tractor' company for 40 years and now DS works for the 'green tracotr' we just use colors now when talk about them (LOL). Anyway, I haven't made a green tractor yet, this would be just perfect. "Home Is" is gorgeous too!!

  15. What a great gift idea Julie, I'm sure he'll be thrilled with it :)

  16. I just love your Home is Where finish.
    Well done on the key ring, i am sure he will love it.

  17. I love the Home Is finish Julie. Love the colours.

    Nice idea with the mini keyring. I bet David will love it.

  18. Sounds like Bliss Julie. :0)
    HI is lovely & fab finishing idea for the Mini keyring - bet it was well received. :0)

  19. fantastic finishes Julie, love the home is design, I just bought this one a few weeks ago
    Love the key ring idea, I'm sure it will be treasured

  20. Love the finishes, both of them. Great work!


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