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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Reveal Day

Another first for me was to use some DMC satin threads i had in my stash. Sally sent the two purple ones quite a while ago and i bought the green and vibrant pink to go with them months ago and thought one day i will find a project that just calls for them. Junes challenge, the free chart, Flowers of Olde from With My Needle seemed the perfect design to use them for. The fabric is a 28ct unlabelled hand dyed piece.

As i was stitching this one Karan kept popping into my mind and the journey she has been on for the past few months, how her pagan beliefs are different to others but like the pink flower she stands strong. I decided to use some homegrown lavendar and fill a beaded edge sachet for her. She's received it and told me she has put it by her bedside and it seems to be aiding her sleep. I'm so pleased you like it Karan and hope it continues to send you to sleep LOL

Guess where i went today?? after getting a heads up that the Fabric Guild had an open morning today DH said he would take me for a look as we hadn't been before. Well, we looked and we bought, but i've done a daft thing and put it all away and not taken a pic. I bought some batting, 25ct fabric, fat quarters of lovely backing fabrics, a few DMC's and some lovely beads. We'll definately be going again when i have saved some pennies, the range of fat quarters is amazing, i saw lots i would like to have in my stash. As he went with me this morning, i thought it was only fair that i go with him to the allotment and help this afternoon/evening, its looking lovely for the judging tomorrow and of course there was lots more produce to pick too.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too, they are predicting a heatwave for us UK girls this week, stay cool ladies!


  1. Beautiful finish and stunning colours.

  2. That is very beautiful. I am sure it will be loved. Perfect colour combinations!

  3. That is just lovely!!
    I am sooo jealous,I would love to visit Kisco,I have heard so much about it, if you ever need anyone to come along with you Just let me know ;0)

  4. Thats a lovely finish Julie. What are the satin threads like to work with?

  5. Such a lovely finish, Julie.

  6. Beautiful finish and what lovely colours!!

    Stay cool, Julie!!

  7. Lovely work Julie, great gift.

    I'm glad you found the Fabric Guild :)

  8. Your finish is beautiful Julie. There's no wonder Karan loves it:)

  9. that is pretty love the colours

  10. What a beautiful finish! Love it!

    Cindy Mae
    My store opens July 1st!!

  11. A lovely finish Julie. I made a start on this one (was to be my first monthly challenge this year), but only managed to get as far as finishing the tulip and one carnation. Will make sure I get it finished one day though!

  12. I love it & thank you again Julie - it's also the last thing I see when I go to bed & the first thing I see when I wake. :0)
    Sounds like you had a great time at Fabric Guild with a nice haul. Fingers crossed for the judging. :0)

  13. A very pretty finish for Karan
    Stay Cool!!

  14. Julie,
    I have something for you on my blog.



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