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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Last day of June

Here we are again at the end of another month, time to find out if i achieved everything i hoped to this month? YES, i certainly did and even managed to add 3 motifs onto Beatrix. I've updated the side bar with goals for July, the monthly challenge is taking a summer break but will return in September, but this will give me 2 months to stitch an ornament for Clares 'Miss-Tree' for the Christmas festival at her local church.

Hope you all had a productive June too. Stay cool UK ladies, another 30 degree day here again today although the evenings are bringing storms to freshen the air which is much needed.


  1. Its looking FAB Julie Im hoping for thunder storms tonight too though not holding my breath lol
    Happy Stitching

  2. Well done Julie on your BP sal

    I too have exceded my stitching for June and will post pics tomorrow..
    Have a good day I am off to the allotment with DH and then might watch some more tennis later, I love it

    Chris x

  3. Your Bea is coming along beautifully Julie.

    No temps as high as that here thank heavens! I'd hate it. It's been misty here but muggy although the sun did come earlier:) So glad we live on the coast on get a nice sea breeze.

  4. BP is looking great.
    According to the forecast we should be getting the thunder now, but theres no sign of it yet

  5. BPM is looking great you are nearly half way done by the looks of it.
    I haven't done any challenges this month...slacker I know lol.
    it has been muggy here as well, keeps threatening to rain. I do like storms so will look forward to that!

  6. Well done on your progress in June. We have had the rain on and off all day.... just brightening now!

  7. BP looks good - you are kind to use your free months to stitch for my tree - it's going to look fab with all the stitching being done :)

    Weather is fab - just a shame to be at work LOL

  8. Lovely colours on the BP sampler..very restful. We have rain here...typical..we miss the heatwave. Cant complain though, saves me watering the garden lol

  9. Great goals!!! Your BP is looking fantastic!

    Cindy Mae
    My store opens July 1st!!

  10. Beatrix Potter is looking gorgeous Julie. I love the colours you've chosen.

  11. BP is looking gorgeous. Well done on achieving your goals & Good Luck for this month's. :0)
    There hasn't been a storm here to relieve any of the heat & we're melting! Poor DH had to go out on Plant in hot metal gear yesterday morning & it made him feel ill all day. :0(

  12. Great progress on BP. We had some storms here but unfortunately the weather now is still just as muggy.

  13. Good progress on BP.
    With this warm weather, been spending outdoors everyday either to the swimming pool or to the beach. Haven't done much stitching and blog reading.


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