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Friday, 3 July 2009


Did you wonder about opening this post LOL

It's Dolly Mamas Domestically Challenged that's sunbathing topless, she doesn't have a stitch on her upper half!! Not a whole lot of stitching going on here this week. It's been way too hot with super high temperatures and the humidity level has been undearable and i've also had a bad MS week too.

Have you seen the Rowntrees Random adverts? There are a couple of different ones and they are so funny. DH thinks that the person who thought up these must either be an MS sufferer or be a close relative to one. This is exactly how my week has been, my family are now awarding points to each other if they guess what i should have said! Good job i have a sense of humour and can see the funny side, whats wrong with calling a spoon a spade?? does the same sort of thing doesn't it LOL

Wishing you all a good weekend and Happy 4th July to my US visitors


  1. are you sure it isn't you sunbathing topless?

  2. thinks that she looks alot like me in my youth!! LOL LOL

    Sorry to hear your MS is on the prowl again. I too have had little stitching going on. I remember when I could stitch for 4-5 hours a day now I'm lucky to stitch an hour every other day. I MUST make more time for it beacause it honestly helps my nerves.

    Thanks for the 4th of July well wishes. I'm stayong home and will be watching the fireworks from the lake.

    Happy and healthy weekend to you and yours!

  3. LOL I did wonder, it has been unbearable, it has made me and the kids very irritable, I had two sports days sitting out in it. :-/
    I haven't seen those adverts will keep an eye out for them.Of course a spoon and spade are similar just big and littler versions. Hope you have a lovely weekend, we are off to the Elvaston Castle steam rally on Sunday so I hope it stays nice for that!

  4. I love your humor. LOL Hugz.

  5. LOL! I hadn't seen that ad before. I think spoon/spade is a lot less random than that, quite logical in fact.
    Love the Dolly Mama by the way

  6. Dolly mama picture is fab and I know exactly where ur coming from with the MS muddled talking I do it alot too sometimes its gets me upset if ppl take the mick other times i can laugh with them. Mind tends to get worse if i shouting at the kids which often means we end up laughing instead of cross which cant be a bad thing lol.
    Ive hardly stitched at all this week me and kids all had bad stomach bugs andim only just recovering
    TC and chat soon
    Hugs Shellie

  7. LOL, of course a spade is a spoon depending who's mouth it is for!! LOL, Your Dolly Mama is looking lovely.
    Rowntrees Random advert is great, i too said to DH "Thats just like many of my days!" LOL
    Not been to the gym this week with it being sooooo hot, still lost weight though so I'm very pleased. Hope your feeling better, x

  8. Hi Julie, I've just seen on your blog you have MS, I didn't know I'm so sorry. I hope you are ok.

    I love Domestically Challanged...It's so me...and I've got her stitched and on my wall lol.

    The weather here is lovely too although we had some rain today but the humidity is abslutely killing me....

    Happy knitting and stitching...hope you're doing ok and keeping well, Hugs....

  9. I love those adverts! "What the crocodile hat was that?" is becoming quite a catchphrase around the office. Fingers crossed for a cooler week for us all. Loving the Dolly Mama!

  10. Goodness me thats like me lol! Always saying the wrong thing. xx

  11. Love your Dolly Mana piece Julie. It looks so mcuh fun to stitch.

    I've seen those adverts. They are so funny but I know it's not so funny when sometimes when it's happening to you. Good job you have a good sense of humour though. I get my wods awfully muddled at times and the girls think it's hilarious but strnagely enough we just call it teenage speak as they do it too!

  12. There was me wondering if you'd been doing something that could get you arrested. LOL Good progress on DM Julie. Hope the cooler weather brings some relief soon (((((((((hugs))))))))). Nothing wrong with that mix up - you use both for shovelling stuff, don't you? ;0)


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