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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Birthday gift revealed

Rachael had her birthday yesterday...

Mr Stick (he who is responsible for prodding and getting ladies stitching on their UFO's over at Stitch & Stash on Tuesday) decided he wanted to send out another spy so he can see how many UFO projects she has and make sure she is making good progress on them. Miss Twiggy complete with her prodding stick arrived safely and is under strict instructions to report in each week on the forum with Rachaels progress as does Seymour who went to live with Barb. I know you all think i am bonkers and lost the plot, maybe think is the wrong word...some of you have met me and others know me well :-)

When sitting in my conservatory recently with lashing rain and high winds (every day this week so far), its been a pleasure to watch my cactus come into flower. These flowers are some 6" across and there are about 20 buds waiting to bloom on it. Such a shame its not in flower for the show, it might have won a prize, although i will take more pics and enter them into the photography category for other growers to see it.

Thanks for stopping by, i hope you are having a good week


  1. Miss Twiggy is adorable, clutching her oak twig. Bonkers? Nah, just mildly eccentric Julie - join the club. LOL The cactus flowers are gorgeous! :0)

  2. I guess the two young men don't enjoy the rainy weather!!!

  3. Julie,

    Your cactus is beautiful. Don't you wish the blooms lasted longer?

    Ms. Twiggy is a cutie. Boy, she'd have a full time job at my house.

  4. Mr. Twiggy is so cute! I love him! Love the cactus!

  5. I love Mrs. Twig...gorgeous. Mad? No! I prefer 'wildly creative' lol.
    Have to ask a silly question for the RAK..which theme do you prefer, bunnies of bagpuss lol?

  6. Wow, that cactus is stunning!

  7. Miss Twiggy is adorable. You know, Winston could use a girl companion, lol
    The cactus is gorgeous.

  8. He's soo cute and lovely cactus.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Miss Twiggy is settling in fine she is taking note of all my wip's and making sure I don't hide anything!!
    Those blooms are pretty!!

    Bonkers ,no we are all perfectly where is that pixie I was chatting too....

  10. Nice bunny, Julie! Love the cactus blooms. Crazy?!! Then you are among your kind ;o) I'm queen of crazy, LOL.


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