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Monday, 18 May 2009

Another new start!

Those of you who have been coming here for a while will know that i'm on the committee for the annual fruit and veg show and the stitching club always make gifts for winners to keep to accompany the trophies (these have to be given back each year). This year it's my turn to stitch the gift for 'Best in Show'. I've found a lovely floral alphabet and have made a start in plenty of time for the show 5th September, its from Donna Koolers 555 fabulous cross stitch patterns.
We're still having wet and windy weather here, not nice at all and its turned really cool, what better place to be than nice and cosy and curled up looking like bookends on the sofa in the conservatory!! I think i might join them in there this afternoon and put a stitch or two into Beatrix ....


  1. I love that alphabet! I have that pattern and I made Meg a name pillow for her room with it!

  2. What a lovely new start and nice that you get something to keep when you have to give the trophy back!

    We had a wet and cool weekend, today is looking beautiful but I might just stay in and stitch anyhow!

  3. Rain rain rain - I hear you! Very cute new start and I love your cats! I am getting a Ragdoll! hehe more to tell soon. xx

  4. That will be a great gift for the winner!

    The cats look cute on the sofa!

  5. That's a great alphabet Julie, it will be a real keepsake for the winner :)

  6. Love the new start Im sure the winner will be thrilled to bits.
    Think Ill jion your cats too if theres room lol
    Have e mailed you about a comment you left for me hun
    Maybe we cqan chat properly about it one day
    Love and Hugs Shellie

  7. beautiful start the winner will be so pleased

  8. awww they look comfy on the sofa

  9. That is going to be lovely.
    Cats always seem to find the best seat in the house!

  10. Very pretty new start, it's going to be a very lovely keepsake. Two very comfy & contented cats there Julie. :0)

  11. That will make a gorgeous prize! I can not wait to see it complete! You cats look just adorable and so comfy. Makes me wanna just snuggle up with them!

  12. Lovely start on the flower alphabet. Hope the weather improves soon.

  13. That is a lovely idea, Will it spell out winner? Yes miserable weather here as well!

  14. Lovely new start Julie.

    Oh how cute your kitties look on the sofa. They look so comfortable!

  15. sorry it's been a while... changes in life and all.
    The lettering looks great!
    Hope you had time to join the bookends. Glad your day got perked up a while back with Daffycat's draw.


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